Forget about “less is more”, in terms of decoration, quality pieces are the basis for achieving a successful interior design. We will tell you how this rule works so that you can apply it at home

It is not about complicated mathematical formulas nor will it require you to do great calculations. The 80/20 rule is based on a simple ratio that will ensure that you invest well when decorating your home.


This rule states that if we invest 80% of our budget wisely and in quality pieces, our investment will be long-lasting and will translate into a perfect interior design The remaining 20% ​​will go to those details that are more economical and easily replaceable so that you can renovate your house every season, making it look more current.

This is how experts recommend investing in decorating if you don’t want to start from scratch every five years.


There are those who say that it is based on the Pareto Principle. But in reality the rule that the Italian sociologist and economist coined at the end of the 19th century says quite the opposite, that “it is the small proportion that contributes to most of the common effect”, hence his 80/20 rule leads also by name the law of the vital few. That is, 80% of success comes from that small 20% on which you focus your attention and your efforts.

So it is true that the proportions coincide with those of Pareto’s sociological and economic principle, but the decorative rule that works is just the opposite: in which you invest the bulk of your money in that 80% that will be the basis of your interior design. Perhaps what they mean is that we use all our creativity when choosing the remaining 20%, not our money.

living room


Doors, windows and floors are the basis of a lasting interior design. A quality choice in time can save you many cumbersome future works.

Invest a little more money than expected in the floors and walls and do not choose strident colors or frets (no matter how fashionable they are) that you may later regret. There are no bland bathrooms, only badly chosen accessories.

Combining a white subway wall or ceramic in beige or cream tones with sophisticated towels and cheerful prints will always be easier than having to change or paint (in the best case) the bathroom walls because you have tired of that shocking electric blue that you fell in love with in its day.

french bedroom


We spend most of the time in bed and on the sofa at home, which is why both have to be as comfortable and resistant as possible.

In the first case, let yourself be advised by a specialist, who will guide you so that the purchase is as successful as possible depending on your weight, your body needs and your lifestyle (there are even special ones for athletes).

Regarding the sofa, it must have a firm structure that withstands the daily stakes and looks like new if we need to reupholster it. Another option is to choose one whose covers are washable or whose textile is stain-resistant and repels liquids.


One of the great lessons we can take from the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi for our home is that old furniture sometimes deserves a second chance. Thus, the sideboard of the photograph shows the passage of time and exhibits its imperfections with a most successful result, giving personality to the room in which it is located.


Don’t be afraid to invest in solid wood furniture. It will be much easier to give your table and wardrobe in the living room a new look with new and colorful decorative accessories than to invest a lot of money in an ornament that will attract attention for some time, but in reality it will only serve to divert attention from a piece of furniture. of plywood all chipped because the lacquer was not of quality.

The same thing happens with the kitchen. A not very resistant countertop will eventually deteriorate and will require an urgent change that will involve resorting to a small work at home.

There are kitchen furniture brands that insure your cabinets for years. This may bear an initial extra cost, but it is worth it as long as you do not have to change it entirely after five years.

50 kitchen tricks lacquered furniture 00454985


Here you can let all your creativity flow. Dedicate yourself to making this 20% as current as possible and taking risks without being afraid of being wrong. Or if! Since it will not matter, because its price will be so tight that it will not hurt to change the final style of this small percentage: from classic to Tuscan, from sailor to boho chic. The decorative game opens.


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