Top 10 Best Ping Pong Table Top Replacement

If you want to have a good time with friends while staying active, ping pong is the ideal sport. But for this you need a ping pong table, a ball and two rackets.

In this article we will explain all the aspects that you must take into account in order to choose the ping pong table that best suits your needs.

Our 5 Favorite Ping Pong Table Top

The ping pong table

Table tennis or ping pong originated in England in the 1880s as a mode of fun. It evolved and, since 1988, table tennis is an Olympic sport that is played on a table 274 cm long by 152.5 cm wide and 76 cm high.

It has a white line on the sides 2 cm wide and a line of equal width on the edges of the 2 bottom lines. The surface is divided into two parts by a network parallel to the bottom lines.

Why buy a ping pong table?

Whether you have decided to start this sport or you want a tool with which you can have a fun time at home, you will need a stable and quality ping pong table.

To practice ping pong at home

Ping pong is based on competition and entertainment, it also sharpens reflexes and reaction time, making it ideal for players of all ages.

With a ping pong table at home you can practice whenever you want; It also offers a fun experience with friends and family. If you play ping pong frequently, it is best to invest in a good quality table so you can practice at home.

At the time of purchase, you must take into account certain characteristics to cover all your needs. First, think carefully about where you are going to use it; indoor or outdoor; how often and the skill level of the people who will participate (beginning or advanced adults, children).

For fun at parties or barbecues at home

Ping pong is perfect for playing indoors and outdoors, as well as being a great way to exercise and improve coordination.

You can find many models to play at home with friends in a simple and relaxed way. Advanced players may need more stable and durable tables, but if you are a casual gamer who just wants to have a good time at home, go for a quality and durable table.

You will not have to spend a lot of money, if it is the first time that you buy a ping pong table for your family, choose a medium-priced model to enjoy the best gaming experience.

How to Choose the Best ping pong table top replacement

At one point or another you may find yourself shopping for a ping pong table for the garden , garage, or game room so that you can play your own games or train at home. Follow these tips to help you find the perfect ping pong table .

Don’t believe the ad displays

First of all, forget about the huge advertising rollouts from manufacturers. Unless you play federated, you are unlikely to need the most expensive ping pong table in the range. Some options are interesting to consider, however others are only useful for table tennis professionals .

Getting started in table tennis

If it’s your first ping pong table for the home , you’d better get one of the inexpensive tables and let the family crush it while they learn to play. If any member of the family decides to take table tennis seriously, you should be ready to replace it with a mid-range one in order to have a better quality of play.

Fixed or with wheels

Decide if you are going to leave the table permanently fixed or if you are going to move it frequently or save when not in use. If you are going to be constantly moving it from one place to another, you need a table that is easy to move, preferably a folding model that can be handled by one person, with wheels to allow it to be moved without problems. The high-end ping pong tables with wheels have wheel brakes that can be actuated to immobilize the table when it is in use.

Even if you think about leaving the table permanently fixed, buying a table with wheels is still a good idea, you never know when you are going to change your plans, the quality of the tables of both Enebe and Kettler is great.

Board thickness

Some players argue that it is only worth buying ping pong tables with boards that are 25mm thick. While it is true that these tables provide a good ball bounce, the 16mm or 19mm table tops provide a correct pot with hard-to-find differences for non-professional players, thus saving good money. So I would recommend a table with 16mm boards unless you can find a 25mm table for little price increase.

Federated table tennis players will likely prefer a 25mm tabletop so they can train on boards the same thickness as played in official tournaments.

Good structure

Make sure that the ping pong table you are going to buy has good legs and a good structure , it is probably going to have a good spanking for years to come and you are going to need something that is well done to withstand harsh treatment. This is especially important if you have children, as they are not likely to treat tables with adult care.

Another feature that may be interesting to look for is leg levelers at the bottom of the legs. These levelers can come in handy when the floor the table is on is not level and leaves the table tilted or limp. These levelers allow the table to be adjusted to the standard playing height of 76 cm.

What brand

Is the brand of the ping pong table really important? Not really, you just have to make sure that it is a prestigious brand and that it offers the minimum guarantees. Lately, tables of Asian origin are appearing on the market that do not offer the safety standards recommended by the European Union in its EN-14468-1 standard . Keep this especially in mind in case of the use of the table by children since these tables that do not meet these safety standards are unstable and can easily fold, unfold or overturn, potentially seriously injuring the smallest of the house (keep in mind that a table weighs a minimum of 55 kg).

In search of the level

Watch out for tables that are warped. Place your eyes at the height of the boards on all sides of the table for any deformation that may affect the bounce of the ball. If you notice that any board is deformed (this can happen due to storage or humidity), place the boards on a completely flat surface for a period of 48 hours to restore them to their original position.

Support and network

The best tables are those that have an automatic network and support system incorporated , so that when you fold the table it is not necessary to remove them. This saves time and also durability of both the supports and the net and the table. In case you do not have this type of supports (the tables that fold into two independent pieces cannot have this system), check that the supports do not scratch the surface unnecessarily and, of course, do not be very careful every time you remove and put the supports.

Indoor or outdoor

This is an important decision since the outdoor ping pong tables are significantly more expensive than the indoor ones. This is due to the fact that the outdoor ones require a special board that can get wet and that can withstand sunlight without alterations. Generally, indoor ones can be used outdoors and kept indoors when not in use.

How to set up a ping pong table?

Having a ping pong table at home can be a real gathering point for family and friends. But in order to enjoy the game, you first have to know how to set up such a table. It may be simple, but you will have to consider some aspects to make your task easier. Here are the steps you should take before you start assembling a ping pong table:

  • Clear the space you will need. Before you start assembling the table, think carefully about where you are going to place it. To do this, take into account the dimensions of the model you have chosen and the space that players need to move freely.
  • Open the package from the table and take out all the pieces. You may need someone else’s help, because the table itself can be quite heavy. Check if any part is missing before you start assembling it.
  • Once you have removed all the pieces from the box, read the instructions carefully to know how to join them, since it may vary from one model to another. In general, the first thing will be to fix the four legs to the table. Some legs are T-shaped, and you will have to place them in the space they have intended.
  • When setting up a ping pong table, perhaps the most complex aspect is the network. You will have to unfold the net and put the metal sticks on the edges to keep it straight.
  • Make sure the net is well stretched and fixed on the table.
  • Finally, just wipe the entire surface with a cloth and start playing.

How to clean a ping pong table?

In addition to choosing a model with quality, weather-resistant materials, you also need to know how to clean it so it stays in good condition for much longer.

  • If you have a protective cover to put it on during the time you are not playing, you will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, making cleaning easier.
  • To clean it a little after each use, you can use a soft, dry cloth.
  • You can also use a non-abrasive cleaner, to clean in depth from time to time, depending on the condition.
  • Dip the cloth in a mixture with water and mild detergent and run it over the entire surface of the table, and also on the legs.
  • To finish, dry well with another dry cloth.

Final look

Verify that the finish of the table is smooth and uniform, without stains or sharp edges. You can search the structure or the edges of the boards for edges that could accidentally cut. On the other hand, you can measure the bounce of the ball, according to the rules of table tennis, the ball must bounce to a height of 23 cm when it is dropped from a height of 30 cm.


Buy a ping pong table that suits your needs without being dazzled by the features that manufacturers offer. Unless you are a table tennis professional, an economical table will meet all the necessary requirements, although from here we recommend not going for the cheapest of all, but one that  complies with the Union’s safety regulations. European , especially if they are to be used by children.

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