Types of Wood Finishes

water white wood finish

Most of our houses are filled with items made of wood. It is a crucial material since it is natural and that’s why it requires to be treated well by adding a top layer to make it look more appealing and last longer. Refinishing counts down to protecting, improving, or adding a touch up to … Read more

Jim Marrs Book Reviews

Books by Jim Marrs

Born James Farrell Marrs Jr., American newspaper journalist, Jim Marrs, has spent his entire life attempting to expose some of the deepest secrets, scandals, and conspiracies hidden throughout the darkest corners of the world. Born in 1943, Marrs spent the first portion of his life in Fort Worth, Texas, eventually moving on to receive his … Read more

Drill Bit Size Chart

How to Choose Drill Bits

If you consider yourself a handyman of fine woodworking, exquisite metallurgy, and other fixing pursuits, you probably already know the sheer importance of being aware of different drill bit sizes and their immense importance. Indeed, drill a hole in your drywall that’s too big for the nail or screw you designated for it, and now … Read more

Engineered Hardwood vs Solid Hardwood

solid wood flooring

Hardwood flooring has decisively stood the test of time in that they are the oldest type of flooring that have existed for literally centuries. This is because hardwood flooring is by far the most impressive looking type of flooring and if you take the time, money, and energy to maintain them properly, they will last … Read more

Should You Paint The Ceiling or Walls First?

why paint ceiling first

Painting the interior of any given building can be one of the most taxing and time consuming undertakings in any aspect of interior design. If you do not do this properly, you will stare down the barrel of more money spent on more paint and brushes, and more time spent on redoing everything that has … Read more

King Size Headboard Plans

cheap diy headboard

What Headboard Plans Exist For a King Size Bed? Headboard plans can be complicated for king size beds, and they differ from headboard plans for other beds because of much bigger king size beds are compared to other kinds of bed. Not every headboard plan is created equal for other beds, but this is especially … Read more

How to Cut Crown Molding

cutting crown molding angles chart

Inserting caps along walls and ceilings in the form of crown molding can significantly reduce the aesthetic value of a home if it is not done correctly. While crown molding is designed to make your wall or ceiling stand out in a good way, it can also have the reverse effect.  Indeed, if your wall … Read more

Make Your Own Compost Bin

wire compost bin diy

Successful gardeners often understand the best way to reduce garbage from landfills. One best consideration is to rely on composting not only to improve the backyard but also for improving soil fertility. What is more, the organic material is good in moisture management, feeds useful microbes, and protects against damaging ones. Saving family leftovers and … Read more

Tools Needed to Lay Carpet

Tools Needed to Lay Carpet

Even though carpet installation should be done by professional service providers, with the right skills and tools the process becomes a DIY project. This floor covering is often done in two ways including the use of tacks and tack strips and by gluing directly on the surface. Generally, tacks are popular inside the building and … Read more