“Whenever you come home and look in the kitchen …” you will see a therapeutic space and you without knowing it! The psychologist Mireia Hurtado explains the benefits of eating and cooking consciously

Cooking is a daily, instinctive and healthy act, but if done with awareness, it can also become a therapeutic habit that can bring us many physical and emotional benefits .

To delve into this aspect we have consulted the psychologist and dietician Mireia Hurtado, a specialist in conscious eating and mindfulness, who helps people to cultivate their self-care and well-being from the non-diet approach.

Mireia Hurtado psychologist and dietician


Mindful Eating ( according to the principles of The Center for Mindful Eating ), allows us to realize the positive and nutritious opportunities that are available through the selection and preparation of food while respecting our inner wisdom.

That is why Mireia urges us to use all of our senses to choose to eat foods that are both pleasant for us and nutritious for our body. In this way, we will be able to recognize the responses to food (whether they are pleasant or unpleasant to us, or whether they are neutral to us) without judgment, continues the psychologist.

We must learn to recognize physical hunger and detect the satiety signals that the brain sends us in order to make the right decisions to start and stop eating.



Mindful Eating also covers other fundamental aspects, such as the preparation, cooking and way of serving these foods. You just have to look at the spectacular plating of haute cuisine restaurants, with which it is possible to effectively awaken our interest and transform the mere act of eating into an authentic sensory experience.

In this way, in the words of Mireia: “When it comes to cooking, the attitudes of full consciousness of non-judgment and beginner’s mind help to release expectations, to enjoy the experience more with all our senses (sight, hearing, smell and touch and taste) and this makes it become an emotionally and sensory nurturing activity, that is, it makes us feel good about ourselves, more connected and satisfied “.

The also professor of the Nutritional Coaching postgraduate course and new approaches in patient care at the University of Barcelona explains that cooking with a conscience contributes to improving stress, anxiety and mood, since “we let go of mental activity and focus on in the present moment. ”


  • You will eat healthier.
  • Helps you control portions.
  • Increases self-esteem and relieves stress.
  • It makes you feel better about yourself.
  • It can help improve anxiety and other mental disorders.
  • Bring the family together.
  • Connect with your partner.
  • Increases creativity and emotional well-being.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • It is cheaper than eating out.



Mireia has a Guide to reduce stress and emotional eating that is downloadable on its website, if what you want is to start taking care of yourself now and on your own. But she also conducts individual online Mindful Eating sessions anywhere in the Spanish territory or Latin America.

In Barcelona he teaches the Mindful Eating and Mindfulness course Yo me cuido sin dietas (twice a year) and the workshop Nutre tu corazón . (three times a year).

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