Best Electric Toenail Clippers for Elderly

People who have reduced mobility, either due to illness or as a result of their age, need special scissors with which to cut their nails because many of them suffer from coordination deficits.
In this sense, it should not be forgotten that they are cutting instruments, so their use is not indicated for people who have serious visual problems or who do not coordinate enough to be able to handle these scissors for people with reduced mobility .
In general, they are characterized by being light, operating with minimal effort and having large handles that allow you to use the whole hand to better control the scissors.
In fact, there are models of these scissors for the elderlywhich are extra long, specially designed for users who have difficulty bending over and need to trim their toenails. In addition, they can have pointed or rounded blades, depending on the user’s requirements.

What is the best nail clipper?

To choose the best nail clipper, the first thing you should take into consideration is its material. The most common are made of  stainless steel , although they can also be made of other materials.

You must also define the objective, that is, are you going to use it to cut your toenails or fingernails? Although some nail clippers can work in both cases, it is sometimes advisable to purchase two different ones for convenience and better results. You should also take into account its design and that it has  curved blades  to adapt to the natural curvature of the nails, among other characteristics.

The best for a precise cut

1. Beter nail clippers Manicure and Pedicure

The  nail clippers  Beter are a great choice to keep your hands and feet perfectly groomed and effortlessly. Made of steel, they have the right edge to guarantee a much faster and more precise cut.

The design is comfortable, both for the grip and the natural shape of the nails. In addition, the  nail clipper for the hands incorporates a practical nail file for shaping. With this model it is possible to have a clean cut and avoid painful entrenchments.

2. STEINDER professional foot nail clipper

One of the best features of this  nail clipper is that it has a movable head that is very practical when using it. The head is completely innovative, being able to rotate it to achieve the most comfortable position.

It is made of stainless steel and has a very good pressure level, so you don’t need to exert great effort to get good results. The blade also has the natural shape of nails and is well sharpened. On the other hand, one of the most interesting benefits is that it has a built-in box where the cut nails are kept.

3. Victorinox gray nail clippers

Victorinox is one of the most recognized brands for its high quality standards and this nail clipper is no exception. Small, practical, effective and made with high quality materials.

The blade is sharp enough and naturally shaped to make the cut as accurate as possible. It is ideal to take everywhere, especially if you are going to travel, since it is small and functional. Due to its size, it is more effective for manicures, although it can also be used for pedicures.

4. Beter nail clippers with reservoir for manicure and pedicure

One of the best options both to obtain very good results and also to maintain an optimal level of hygiene, is this Beter model. It has a practical tank in which the nails that are being cut are housed.

The tank is easily removable, which is convenient. On the other hand, the nail clipper for hands is designed for round cuts and the one for feet for straight cuts, ideal for  thick nails . Without a doubt, it has a very good value for money.

5. Best for a smoother cut

This Böker Premax Ringlock nail clipper is one of the best, in terms of quality and precision of the cut. It has a  sharp blade  that remains in perfect condition despite the passage of time and many uses.

It is ideal for  toenails as the design is considerably large, which can be a bit uncomfortable for the hands. It is, without a doubt, a great option, since it offers a quality result, a smooth cut and without much effort.

6. True Utility SlimClips

This nail clipper is one of the most practical you can get. The True Utility SlimClips are extremely strong and sharp to ensure a clean cut, even on the thickest nails. In addition, it is incorporated into a key ring and is extremely discreet.

It also incorporates a file, ideal for cleaning, shaping and achieving a better result. Despite its compact size, this cutter offers a very good result both in cutting and also to avoid annoying ingrown nails.

7. Takuminowaza Japan nail clippers

The   Takuminowaza nail clipper is one of the highest quality you can get and of course it also comes at a slightly higher price. Yet it delivers an impressive result, cutting even the toughest and thickest nails smoothly and effortlessly like butter.

It has a design that is very easy to handle, it is resistant and the blades are very sharp to guarantee the best result. If you want to buy a high quality product, you cannot fail to consider this magnificent option.

The key characteristics of a good nail clipper

nail clipper

Buying a  nail clipper  can seem like a very simple task. However, there are so many options that it is not always easy, especially if we want to get a quality product that truly fulfills its function of cutting without mistreating.

Before buying a nail clipper, you should pay attention to certain characteristics, starting with the budget and within it, opt for the best options. Aspects such as the material with which it is made, design, tension and brand are key. Ideally, it should be, preferably, stainless steel, have a good tension level, be resistant and comfortable to use.

Similarly, it is best to buy a pack of cutters, one of which is for the hands and the other for the feet. Although, in some cases, the pedicure can be used for the hands  , it is best to acquire one for each function, both for comfort reasons and also to obtain better results.

Know what you are buying

To know what you are buying, you must first define the objective very well. In this regard, it is important that you know the basic difference between the different types  of nail clippers  and it is none other than the size. Generally the small ones are the most recommended for the hands, they tend to have a more curved edge that adapts very well to the natural shape of the nails.

The larger nail clippers, meanwhile, are usually straight and are more recommended for toenails. Ideally, have two cutters, one for  manicure  and one for pedicure; However, if you want only one, it is preferable that you opt for the smallest for reasons of comfort. Now, it is important that this cutter has enough pressure and resistance to cut the toenails, especially if it is the small ones, since they are generally thicker and difficult to fix.

Types of nail clippers

Although at first glance all nail clippers seem the same, the truth is that there are several types and models. Choose the one that is most comfortable to handle and of course, is effective when cutting. In general, we can differentiate four different types of cutters: guillotine type, lever, pliers and  scissors .

  • Guillotine cutter

This cutter is one of the most used. The reason for its name is that the blades are usually very sharp and have the perfect curved shape for  nails . It is very easy to use and generally offers good results.

  • Lever cutter

The shape of this cutter resembles a lever. It has a narrow opening and horizontal head that adapts very well to the thickness of the nails. This  type of clipper  is also a good option, as long as it has a good pressure level.

  • Plier type cutter

In this case, the shape of the pliers resembles that of a pliers. They are the best for cutting  thick nails  without having to make a great effort.

  • Scissors

Small  scissors  are also a popular option for cutting nails. These offer a much smoother cut and require some dexterity to avoid damaging the skin around the nail.

What material is it made of?

One of the most important aspects that you should verify before buying a nail clipper is the material with which it is made. Always opt for those that are made of  steel , as they are much more resistant. These will not only provide a better result, but will also last much longer.

You may also find cutters made from materials like silver steel or  aluminum . Avoid them, since it is more likely that they break after a few uses and as it is a much weaker material, they do not have the necessary resistance to cut the nails correctly.

Check the voltage level

The tension level is one of the key elements in any type of nail clipper. Without a good tension, it will not work correctly and not only that, it is possible that instead of  cutting the nails , it will bend and mistreat them.

The  tension of the lever  formed by the blades or scissors should be medium. That is, neither too loose nor too tight, since either end will be reflected in the poor performance of the cutter. Similarly, it is also vitally important that the edges are very well aligned, with no spaces in between. They should look smooth and sharp.

Cutter design

In this case, it is not about looking at the design on an aesthetic level, but rather on an ergonomic level  . Like any other machine or appliance, it is essential that you feel comfortable using it. Take it in your hands before you buy it and make sure it is easy to handle. Check that there are no sharp corners that could hurt you, as well as additional features that could offer points for or against the clipper in question.

Locking mechanism

A good  nail clipper  must have a locking mechanism, of course, this can be different according to each model or type. However, it is an essential aspect that you cannot fail to verify before making the purchase of it.

Because it is important? First, so that the cutter or  scissors  does not open or close unexpectedly while you are using it, this can be unsafe and while it is likely not to become a big problem, it is possible that you will hurt yourself slightly. Second, to avoid that it can be opened only in the bag or other places, since if that happens it is more likely to be damaged prematurely.

Other factors that you should take into account

In addition to the above aspects, it is also recommended that you pay attention to other factors, such as the  shape of the blade . Curved ones are ideal for basic fingernail cuts. Straights, on the other hand, are ideal for toenails and ingrown toenails, as they tend to have a stronger, more effective, and more resistant mechanism of action.

The cutter handles or leverage is another of those factors. As a general rule, the longer the handle, the better  pressure  or influence at the time of cutting, which translates into less effort and more comfort.

Last but not least, the budget. Within the budget that you have stipulated to spend, opt for the best quality options. Check the most recognized brands on the  market  and also pay attention to the comments or references of other buyers, since they are usually of great help when deciding.

Nail clippers for the elderly, the best ally

Likewise, we can also opt for nail clippers for the elderly , which are usually mounted on a plastic base, in some cases with non-slip feet, being perfect for people who cannot hold or use conventional smaller nail clippers due to tremors. or lack of coordination.
Thus, the person with problems can use the nail clipper for the elderly fixed to the table, with the forearm and the hand of the nails resting on it, while with the other hand, lightly press the lever of the nail clipper.
It is worth mentioning that it is recommended to change the nail clippers for people with reduced mobility when they are worn out to increase safety when using them.
In short, thanks to the nail clippers for older people , this class of users will be able to enjoy greater independence, as they do not need anyone to carry out a daily task such as cutting their nails, which can be very simple and comfortable thanks to these special utensils.

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