diy portable clothes rack

DIY Wooden Clothes Rack

Can you believe I made this with the help of my dad in under 15 minutes? I can’t.

I originally really wanted to find one online but the prices are insane, let alone shipping it to the middle of nowhere too! Of course I looked it up on pinterest, there were a few tutorials but not for what I wanted. Ideally I loved the idea of copper pipe joinery and wooden doweling, and I wanted it movable (because we all know how often I move around my room… too much) even though the ones that hang from the ceiling are so beautiful. I did a few concept drawings, decided which ones would be strongest so they wouldn’t sway and which shapes I liked the most and came up with this guy! I also used string to attach the two a frame ends so that it can be folded up if you want to store it away temporarily!

I bought the wood a few weeks ago, then made it the very same day. I didn’t really know how to photograph it because really its only a few bits of wood, but finally got it right! It is unbelievably easy to make with the help of a handy man/woman who is willing to do some measuring, cutting, drilling and screwing. Here is how I made mine and how you can make your own!

you will need:

+ 6.56m total of untreated pine, about 4x2cm on a cross section (1.64m each length – this can vary depending on how tall you want yours to be) allow extra to avoid cutting mistakes, and any issues.

+ 1.8m total untreated pine doweling, 3cm in diameter (0.9m each length – this can vary depending on how wide you want yours to be) allow extra to avoid cutting mistakes, and any issues.

+ roughly 1m twine/rope or your choice

+ 4 screws

how to:

1. first you will need to cut all the wood to the right lengths. Cut 4 lengths of the rectangle pine at 1.64m each, and 2 lengths of pine dowelling at 0.9m per length. Sand any rough edges

2. Drill a pilot hole (guide holes, smaller than your screws) in each end of the 2 dowel rods.

3. Work out where you would like your a frames to cross over, I measured roughly 20cm down each, then centred and drew a dot. Drill pilot holes on the dots.

4. Do the same at the bottom ends of 2 of the rectangular pine pieces, measuring roughly 25cm up from the bottoms and centring a dot. Drill pilot holes on the dots.

5. Just below that dot in part 4, drill a hole right through on the thinnest edge of the rectangular length of wood for threading the rope through, then do this in the same place on all 4 lengths.

6. Screw through the pilot holes on 2 the rectangular pieces, into the end of one of the dowels. Do the same with the other two lengths of wood, into the other end of the dowel. This will be your main dowel that you hang things on.

7. Push apart the two pieces of wood so that the two with holes at the bottom are at the back.

8. Screw through the pilot holes at the bottom into one of the ends of the other dowel, then the same with the other end.

8. Measure 2 lengths of around 50cm of rope, then tie each through the holes you drilled in the bottoms.

9. Stretch out the A frames, and you are done!

AHH isn’t it gorgeous? And easy too! If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.

I use mine to hang my favourite clothes of the moment, but you could even hang magazines, scarves, accessories… get creative! Next step… copper clothes hangers…

I hope you have a go – if you do don’t forget to show me!!

– Chloe

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