Different Types of Cedar Wood

cedar vs pressure treated deck

Cedar is a very famous and versatile wood. It is highly used in outdoor furniture. It comes from a tree called Cedars and it has different types. Each type is different from others and serves a different purpose as well. Cedar trees are found all over the world. Let me give you something about this … Read more

A Basic Guide on Sanding Cedar Siding

how to sand cedar deck

Used by many homes all over the United States, cedar is considered by many homeowners to be one of the most attractive and durable building materials. Cedar is noted for its ease of use, lightweight nature, and stability. It can also be easily sanded in order to eliminate any defects on the surface as well as to prepare … Read more

DIY Wooden Clothes Rack

diy portable clothes rack

Can you believe I made this with the help of my dad in under 15 minutes? I can’t. I originally really wanted to find one online but the prices are insane, let alone shipping it to the middle of nowhere too! Of course I looked it up on pinterest, there were a few tutorials but not for … Read more

How To Tune a Top Handle Chainsaw

how to adjust a poulan chainsaw carburetor

The top handle chainsaws, just like any other equipment, is prone to the agents of determination. These agents have the tendency to diminish their efficacy with time. It is only fair that you get to know about these issues and how to mitigate them, all for the sake of enjoying better performances to know how … Read more

Protective Gear For Top Handle Chainsaw Operators

chainsaw safety gear

Like any other operation or activity, lumbering or pruning is a potentially dangerous activity. That is because it is prone to some dangers that might harm your body or sensitive parts thereof. It is that you have to gather and use the protective devices. In this article, we are going to familiar you with some … Read more