Types of DryWall A Complete Guide

green board drywall

Drywall is a versatile material that is prevalent in every building that you walk past. It goes by names that include: Gypsum board, Gyp board, plasterboard, and sheetrock. If you have no idea what drywall is, let me shade some light for you. The drywall is a building material that is explicitly used for ceilings … Read more

Types of Plywood A Complete Guide

plywood thickness

The most challenging task when building a house would be knowing the best kind of Plywood to apply in your home Plywood is a type of wood made from a thin and elegant coat of wood veneer that agglutinates with the adjacent layers with its wood grain tilted90 degrees to each other. Plywood is a … Read more

Top 6 Wood Working Tools You Need

woodworking tool set

Home improvement much depends on what kind of furniture you keep in the living room, dining hall and the bed room. Furniture made of wood looks decent and attractive though it is a bit expensive.  But wooden furniture requires good maintenance and occasional polishing. In addition, you need to look after small repairs that may … Read more

How to Measure Crown Molding

how to measure and cut crown molding inside corners

So, you are thinking about crown molding as a decorative element for your room. But don’t know how to measure crown molding, right? Don’t worry, today I am here to teach you the same. Though measuring and crown molding precisely take a lot of patience and effort, a couple of tricks can make the whole … Read more

8 Cedarwood Oil Benefits That Will Shock You For Sure

cedarwood essential oil for hair

Before we get into the benefits of Cedarwood oil, let me ask, do you know what is cedarwood oil?  It is okay if you don’t!  If I put it plain and simple, cedarwood oil is an oil that is extracted from the Cedar bark, leaves, berries, and needles. There are different kinds of cedarwoods in the … Read more

How to Seal Cedar Wood? – Easy Guide for Beginners

interior cedar wood finish

Cedarwoods are incredible, they are durable, comes with an attractive look, and they are rot and decay-resistant naturally. Then why do you still need to seal cedarwood? Cedarwoods contain oil that keeps them safe from rotting and decaying. However, that cannot protect the wood from the sunlight. This wood is highly durable and beautiful, but … Read more