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Some people get up every morning at the same time without the need for anything or anyone to wake them up. Others have real problems getting up early and tomorrow after tomorrow the sheets stick to them. In fact, if they only depended on themselves they would be late every day. Without a doubt, one of the most important aids for them is an alarm clock.

Thanks to having an alarm clock, getting up every morning, or after nap, will be easier. If it costs you to get up early it will continue to cost you, but at least you will be punctual. You can program it to sound at a specific time and to repeat the alarm until you get up. We have prepared this buying guide to help you choose the best model for you.

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The most important

  • The primary function of any alarm clock is to sound an alarm to alert you that it is time to get up. However, as you will see throughout this guide, there are some models that offer you more features.
  • When making your final decision you must take into account a number of aspects that are important. For example, its ease of use, whether it is silent or not, the types of alarms or what other functions it offers you.
  • It is important that the alarm clock allows the appliance to be programmed to repeat the alarm several times. It is one of the most vital functions, since it will prevent you from falling asleep.

The best alarm clocks on the market: our favorites

Knowing the opinions of other users is a great help when making any purchase. Therefore, when we have had to establish which are the best alarm clocks on the market, we have chosen the most valued by other users. Furthermore, this list will help you discover interesting features of these devices. So pay attention.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about an alarm clock

Without a doubt, the previous section has been very useful. It has allowed you to discover which are the best alarm clocks by the evaluation that their own users make of them. Also, you have seen that not all devices are the same. In fact, in the market you will find very advanced models and other more basic ones. It is time to know more about these devices.

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If the alarm clock uses a battery, try to have two forms of power.
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What is an alarm clock?

An alarm clock is a device used to wake up, it can be digital or analog. It usually uses a sound, although some models use a light. You can choose the time the alarm should sound and, if it is a digital model, also the day. The alarm clocks turn off easily and usually have a function to repeat the alarm.

Is an analog or digital alarm clock better?

One of the first questions you may have when buying the alarm clock is whether it is better digital or analog. Analog alarm clocks are the ones with needles to show you the time. In the case of alarm clocks, they have one more that is used to program the alarm. While digital are those that show the time on a digital screen.When choosing an alarm clock, you appreciate that the analogs only work as such and as a clock. Digital alarm clocks can also be radios, speakers, or MP3 players, for example. Analogs win in terms of aesthetics and price, digital in all other respects. Analogs can make some noise, digital can disturb your light.

In this table we show you the main differences:

Analog alarm clock Digital alarm clock
Sound They use a buzz as an alarm They have infinity of types of alarms
Battery To operate they use batteries of different types There are batteries, plug or battery
Show time They indicate the hour by means of hands Show time with numbers
Design Its design is traditional and attractive They have more minimalist designs
Function They only work as a clock and alarm clock It has other functionalities

Why buy an alarm clock and not use your mobile?

Since smartphones have an alarm clock, you may be wondering why buy one. One of the reasons why we recommend you buy an alarm clock is to avoid sleeping with the mobile next to the bed. It is not entirely proven that it is good to have the phone close at night. Also, you may be tempted to use it.Experts show that using a mobile phone before sleeping causes difficulties in falling asleep. In addition, if you have it so close at hand it is likely that you will end up stealing minutes of rest or even hours. You may even be woken up by an incoming message. Therefore, it is best to buy an alarm clock and leave your smartphone in another room.

Alarm clock in room

An alarm clock is a basic device in most homes.
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What are the main parts of a digital alarm clock?

When it comes to knowing how a digital alarm clock works, it is important that you take into account what its different parts are. It will help you to know better what each of its components is for and will help make its use really easy for you. Therefore, pay attention to the following list that we have prepared:

  • Screen. The screen is usually a good size in relation to the clock. You need to be able to easily see the digits on it. In addition, it must have good lighting to function properly.
  • Adjustable display. The adjustable display is used to balance the light on the screen. It is very important, because if its luminosity is excessive, or you are very sensitive to light, it can be a problem to fall asleep.
  • Snooze function. The snooze function should not only exist on the alarm clock, it should also be easy to use. If you want it to help you sleep a few more minutes, it cannot be too complicated to put it into practice. It is a help to wake up little by little, but without fear of falling asleep.
  • Extra battery. The alarm clock has a fundamental job, since it is not a good thing to be late for work. But if you need to get to a hospital or airport on time, for example, it is vital that it works. So you need to have a rechargeable battery and batteries or go plugged in and use batteries. The important thing is that if one source fails, another will work.
  • Built-in radio. There are many alarm clocks that have this option so that you can wake up to your favorite station.
  • Multiple alarms. When it has the multiple alarm function, you can program an alarm for your partner and another for you. But also, you can use this function instead of the snooze alarm. For example, you can set an alarm at 7:30 and another at 8 to wake up little by little.
  • Bluetooth. That the alarm clock has Bluetooth will serve to connect it to your smartphone and take advantage of some of its functions.
  • Projector. You have already seen that there are alarm clocks that project the time on the ceiling or on the wall. It helps you easily see the time if you wake up at night or before bed. But check that it is not an option that makes you nervous.
  • Snooze function. In this case, the alarm noise starts sounding very low and then goes up in pitch. It is a help to wake up gradually.
  • USB port. It is used to charge the alarm clock battery.

What can help you when buying an alarm clock?

In addition to what we have discussed, there are a number of issues that you should consider when buying your alarm clock. Later, you will see other aspects in depth, but the ones that we show you now are also important for you to value. If you do so, surely you can make a great acquisition. So make a note of what you’ll see on this list:

  • Reviews: Try reading other users’ reviews
  • Functions: Be clear about the functions you want
  • Price: Always look for the best value for money
  • Size and design: Both should fit in your room

What are the advantages and disadvantages of alarm clocks?

With all the aspects that we have already reviewed about alarm clocks, you will surely be clear about what is important to you. We are about to discuss with you some features that you can not miss when making your purchase. But before doing so, we want you to know its main advantages and disadvantages. We have prepared the following table with them:
  • Help wake you up on time
  • Usually its use is simple
  • They are cheap
  • There are those who make you nervous
  • It is not a natural way to wake up

Purchase criteria

Now we are finishing this buying guide, but we don’t want to do it without first reviewing some criteria that you should assess. It is important that you take all of them into account. With these aspects, along with everything you’ve seen so far, you can make the best possible decision. They are basic characteristics that are usually common to all models.

  • Use
  • Battery
  • Radio
  • Noise
  • Light


It is important that the alarm clock is easy to use. It is possible that for you who are familiar with technology most have it. But you should think of other types of users, such as the elderly. If it is intended for someone of a certain age, try to simplify all the steps you will have to take to use it.

Green alarm clock

When choosing an alarm clock, you appreciate that the analogs only work as such and as a clock.
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If the alarm clock uses a battery, try to have two forms of power. For example, that it is charged by USB and takes batteries. It would also help if it is plugged into the current and has batteries. You will avoid being thrown away if the power goes out in your home. You think that kind of thing rarely happens, but if it happens at the worst time it can be a problem.


Having a radio is an extra function, but it can come in handy. For example, this way you will have the possibility of getting up every morning with music, which can be very encouraging. But also the radio gives a lot of company, so a night when you can’t sleep can help you. If the investment is not very high, it is worth having this feature.


As a general rule, digital alarm clocks do not make any noise while they are working. By contrast, analog alarm clocks do usually make noise. It is usual to hear the typical ticking of a clock. It is true that in most cases it will not be an annoying sound, but there are those who make you nervous.


We can say the same as in the previous case, there are people who seeing the time all the time can make them nervous. It usually happens to someone with sleep problems. It can be very overwhelming for them to see that the night is passing and they cannot fall asleep. If this is your case, it is better to look for a device that you cannot see the time in the dark.


An alarm clock is a basic device in most homes. It serves to wake you up and prevents you from being late everywhere. It is true that smartphones have this function, but we have seen that it is not good to sleep near the phone. You’ll avoid the temptation to use it in bed or to be woken up by a notification.

As you have seen, in the market you will find different alarm clocks so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You must value what it offers you and always bet on the best value for money. Take into account its design, its features, its functions or whether it is digital or analog. Above all, make it the perfect device for you.

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