Best Blow Dryer With Comb

Have you ever wondered why you do not have the same hairstyle at home as when you go to a hairdresser?

Well one of the reasons is because they use best blow dryer with comb  and yes … they are different from conventional ones.

Professional dryers are faster , so they damage less hair  and are also more reliable , making the investment much more profitable in the long term.

But what really makes the difference is that professional dryers incorporate AC motors , much more efficient, more powerful, with less consumption and quieter than conventional DC motors.

Surely you are thinking … “I had better prepare the wallet” …

Well, do not worry, because there are professional dryers for all budgets, however, not all of them will give you the same results , so it is essential to choose a model that meets your expectations.

Our 5 Favorite Blow Dryer With Comb

In this guide we will see which are the models worthy of being among the best and we will analyze why they stand out from the rest.

Guide to choosing the best blow dryer with comb


Ok … the thing is clear … if you want your hairstyle to look like the one you do at the hairdresser, you need a professional hairdryer , but which one is the best for you?

Not everyone gives the same use to the dryer, you may use it sporadically, for which you can buy a cheaper model and save money on the purchase, but taking into account that the result may not be the same as with a higher quality model.

In any case, if you are going to use it on a daily basis, a low-quality model is also not recommended, since it can break down early and the purchase can be expensive.

If you are going to buy a dryer for professional use, you should choose one of the most durable models, from a reliable brand like Parlux . If you have questions you can see our article on Parlux dryers .

What should I keep in mind to choose the best blow dryer with comb?

There are fundamental aspects that you must value when choosing, let’s see the most important.

What is a blow dryer with comb?


There are several aspects that differentiate a professional model from a conventional one, but the main thing is its engine.

The professional models often incorporate an AC motor , more efficient, powerful, durable and quiet than conventional DC motors.

These engines offer better performance but are less hot however .

AC motors operate on alternating current , while DC motors are supplied with direct current through a power supply built into the dryer itself.

The more powerful the better


Although it is true that power is not the only important thing, it is something fundamental and if it is scarce you will not have the results you are looking for.

The power is measured in watts and for a good result it should be above 1800-2000w . The more power the faster you will dry your hair and the less time it will be exposed to heat.

It is true that greater power leads to greater energy consumption, but you will also finish earlier, so the total consumption will be very similar.

In short, if you want to make sure you buy a good hair dryer, keep an eye on the power.

Temperature and air speed buttons

Another important aspect is the selection of temperature levels , the more it has, the more you can customize the one that suits you best. In the most advanced models this switch is a linear selector , much more precise and customizable.

Also check the air flow, make sure that the model you choose has at least 70 m3 / h , since below this figure the results will not be optimal.

Technology and performance

The technology is also important because it directly influences the result. Manufacturers use different materials and elements that improve performance.

  • Ionic function: to achieve a better straightening and avoid frizz.
  • Ceramic: used to achieve a more uniform heat output.
  • Tourmaline: causes a very powerful heat output, and this allows the cuticle to be sealed. Together with the ceramic they help to avoid frizz.
  • Titanium: they are very fast conducting heat and thus speed up the working time of the hair, preventing damage.
  • Temperature sensor: It allows a constant temperature air outlet, which prevents damage from excess heat in the hair.

Size and weight

The weight of the hair dryer is the next point to consider, this aspect together with the size is essential for it to be manageable, and this will determine the result. Also if you use it professionally, excessive weight can cause discomfort and fatigue.

If it is for personal or sporadic use, the weight is less important, but for intensive use it should not exceed 500 gr .

Ergonomics and comfort of use

The ergonomics is related to weight and size, since, if they have an ergonomic design will not be comfortable to use. It is also important that the weight is evenly distributed so that the professional hair dryer is balanced.

A good hair dryer should be comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

Noise level

Especially for professional use it is important that the hair dryer is as quiet as possible, because it will be working for a long time.

It must be emphasized that the noise depends not only on the dryer itself, but also on the nozzle used and the speed selected.

Quality of materials

The materials of manufacture will determine the useful life and unless you are going to use it very sporadically, you should take them into account.

Higher quality dryers are better built, tend to heat less because they incorporate insulating materials in the body ,  the nozzles fit better and move less .

Ease of cleaning

The best quality models incorporate removable grids to remove hair, dust and accumulated dirt inside.

This will lengthen the life of the dryer , so it is highly recommended that you incorporate such a rack.

In addition, it is important that it be easily disassembled , because otherwise it may be more of an inconvenience than an advantage.

In this sense, we must highlight the Parlux HFS system , which allows the grille to be removed in a couple of seconds, by simply turning a thread.

Engine durability or life

Professional motors running on alternating current have a longer life than DC or direct current motors. However, this shelf life also depends on the brand and quality of the dryer.

The Parlux dryers stand out in this regard face competition , lasting usually exceed 2500-3000 hours of operation, although there are models like GHD that are very close.


If you need several accessories you should take it into account before buying the dryer. Recognized brands such as Parlux, Remington, or GHD for example, usually sell accessories separately in case you need them, but in the case of lesser-known brands you may find it difficult to purchase separate accessories.

It is always better to prevent and take this into account before choosing your professional dryer model.


Why buy a professional hair dryer?

Professional hair dryers have a more powerful motor, prepared for continuous and intensive operation. The life of these motors is longer than in conventional hair dryers , and the manufacturing materials are more resistant, so that even if you buy them for personal use, the investment is better in the long term .

They are also more efficient and faster models, so the hair suffers less .

What are the best brands of professional hair dryers?

In the field of professional hair dryers there are many brands, some of them with many sales such as Remington, Rowenta, Babyliss, Braun, Philips or GHD , but the reality is that none of them today reaches the level of the Parlux brand. .

However, if you don’t want a hairdryer for professional use, there are options to consider that can save you a few euros, such as REMINGTON or ROWENTA, with bestselling and well-valued hair dryers starting at 15 euros, or GHD, a leading brand of flat irons of hair and they also have good quality models of dryers.

Where to buy a professional hair dryer?

You can find conventional hair dryers on almost any commercial surface, but things get complicated when you are looking for a professional hair dryer. There are specialized physical stores, but the simplest is to make the purchase online , since you can find better prices and more availability of models.

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