What Will End Terrorism and the Growing Conflict in the World?

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What Will End Terrorism and the Growing Conflict in the World?

The Unthinkable.

The following is an interesting perspective on the unfolding world events offered by Marshall Vian Summers, author of Greater Community Spirituality and The Allies of Humanity.
Marshall Vian Summers – 2001-11-02

We are at the threshold of facing a growing conflict in the world of potentially epic proportions. It is not merely a conflict between America and a small network of terrorists; it is an opposition between cultures whose spiritual values and cultural goals for the future are in a state of violent collision. The seeds for this conflict, planted long ago, are only now beginning to sprout.

Tragedy and shock have shaken a complacent America out of our self-obsession and dreams of personal fulfillment. We are finally being forced to awaken to the reality that we are part of a human family that is undergoing a difficult transition from tribal culture and nationalism towards a greater integration‹a transition that some cultures support and that others oppose. This is the real battle line. From a larger perspective, this transition and the conflict that it is generating is not merely the result of government policies or failed institutions, but also the result of a larger evolutionary process in which we are all directly involved. While there is tremendous change and reform that must be made at nearly every level of our interaction with one another and with nature, this evolutionary process is marching on, moving all of us, willing or not, towards some kind of world community. We can no more change this evolutionary process than we can prevent ourselves individually from going through the stages of life and aging.

How can the growing conflict in the world be stopped? What can bring an end to terrorism and prevent conflict between nations and religions from erupting into its dark potential? Government policies? Diplomacy? Money? Economic growth? War? Compassion? High moral idealism? We have tried all of these approaches with varying degrees of success and failure, but none have stemmed the tide. Will blaming government policies or adversarial individuals bring relief? No, it is bigger than this. Will waging a war within a poor country as a show of force deter the mounting tensions? No, it only adds more fuel to the fire. Bitterness, condemnation and retribution will not diminish the potential for a world war to grow.

What can truly bring us together? It will take something much bigger than our ideals, economic expediency or political reformation to forge a real union in the human family. It must be something that challenges all of us, regardless of our religion, nation, culture or language. That challenge is with us now. It is revealed in the book Greater Community Spirituality and it is described in the book The Allies of Humanity. Humanity is facing a grave challenge by extraterrestrial forces who are in the world seeking to shape and direct human aspiration and human destiny for their own ends. The unthinkable. This Intervention is occurring without our permission and largely without our awareness. Its silent invasion is permeating our lives, influencing individuals in positions of power, influencing our values and impulses, weakening any resistance that we might have to its presence. While there are undoubtedly friendly forces in the universe, this is not one of them. And while we have a greater adversary at our doorstep, we remain inside fighting with one another. If we could recognize the presence of this adversary and its real intentions, we would be compelled to set aside our long-standing disputes to meet a greater challenge together, a challenge that threatens all of us equally.

Yet each day, as cultures and nations continue to oppose one another for economic advantage or for religious supremacy, we are weakened, divided and further rendered unable to respond to the real challenge facing us. Nothing could serve an extraterrestrial Intervention more than for humanity to maintain and to deepen its struggle with itself. As unthinkable as it may seem, who is considering that there is a hidden extraterrestrial presence that is actually stimulating this struggle through mind control and the manipulation of religious impulses and beliefs? September 11th was unthinkable. The unthinkable happens. The Intervention is taking advantage of our conflicts in order to further separate and destabilize us. The evidence of this Intervention is all around us, but we are not willing to see. It is a problem of human denial.

The Intervention has unintentionally created an enduring equality amongst the human family. We are all in the same boat now. We are all citizens of this one world within a Greater Community of intelligent life. Under the threat of the Intervention, our differences and our issues with one another become more irrelevant and more easily resolved. We can¹t afford them now. We have a greater problem to deal with. We may still have terrorists, but with this awareness, who but the uninformed and the Intervention would support them? Human freedom and self-determination are at stake. They will have to be shared now amongst us, for we cannot afford to have any part of the human family or any part of the world fall to the Intervention. And we will all be either winners or losers in this greater struggle for no individual human or nation can benefit if human freedom and self-determination are lost.

Is this too hard to face? We thought that in America we were safe from terrorism and world conflict. But September 11th changed all that. Do we need another seminal event like the September 11th attack to make us soberly face the bigger picture of our world? We are moving towards greater interdependence, and we are also facing the presence and the deception of an extraterrestrial Intervention. There is no turning back now.

Our real adversary does not care about human freedom or human ideals or human suffering. It only sees us as useful to its purpose and it will attempt to win us over in order to gain control of the world and its people. Recognize this and each person becomes your ally and you will protect their freedom and integrity as if it were your own. Recognize this and human conflict becomes the last thing that you would promote.

There is no justification for the brutal acts of terrorism which have taken so many lives and which threaten to destabilize our world. But we must look beyond the obvious to truly recognize what will unite us and how important we are to each other. This is not a time to demand peace, for that only fuels more condemnation. We are in a great transition and we are facing a formidable adversary. This is a time to promote human freedom and unity, for we all share the same challenge and destiny. We need each other now, everywhere, as never before.

Marshall Vian Summers

The Society for The Greater Community Way of Knowledge
P.O. Box 1724, Boulder, CO 80306-1724
303) 938-8401 · www.greatercommunity.org and www.alliesofhumanity.org

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