What is the Cause of Today’s “Extreme Weather”?

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Here Blogger Mitch Battros explains what well may be the true cause of the wild and erratic weather we have experienced for some time now. Sorry to disappoint those, such as Al Gore, who seek to profit from taxes and trade in “carbon credits.” It is not our SUVs but a natural cause-and-effect of the sun. The proof that this theory is correct may be found in the fact that the polar caps on Mars are diminishing, melting. So it is not “Global Warming.” It is solar system warming. Or perhaps it is being caused by some celestial object altering the magnetic fields of the bodies as it enters our solar system?



What is the Cause of Today’s “Extreme Weather”?

By Mitch Battros
Earth Changes
June 7, 2013

It is the principle of “convection”. This will be a three part article bringing us up to date on what’s really happening in the scientific community. To describe the sequence of events in its most basic terms – is to say the Earth’s core is overheating. The Earth’s core is overheating due to the amount of radiation (charged particles) coming from the Sun and our galaxy Milky Way. These various forms of radiation coming from solar flares, CMEs, coronal holes, filament, gamma rays, and galactic cosmic rays coming from our galaxy in heightened waves – penetrating the Earth ‘literally’ to its core, is causing temperatures to mirror that of the Sun’s surface.
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This formula of causation is something you will be hearing about for the next 10 years. Over the last two decades, most government and private money has been looking up to the stars for answers to our universe, and most importantly, our place in it. But now, coming up on two years scientists have been looking ‘down’ to understand what is the cause of Earth’s cycle’s which includes the one we are in now producing ‘extreme weather’.
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Convection is the act of transferring heat by circulation or movement of the Earth’s solid core, transferring heat to the liquid outer core, into the mantle, and making its way to the Earth’s surface. This process has ebb and flowed throughout the life of Earth. Ancient tribes related this to lifecycle of all living things which includes humans and animals. They speak of it as the process of ‘expansion and contraction’.
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In large part, it is the act of convection which powers the Earth’s magnetic field which also has its cycles of expansion and contraction. It is still not fully understood how a much slower flow in the solid mantle influences the heat flow and its spatial distribution at the core-mantle boundary. In turn, it is also not fully understood how these changes will affect the Earth’s magnetic field which is produced due to the much faster currents in Earth’s core.


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