Trident Missile Launch over LA: US Empire Races to World War III

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As the U.S. corporate mass media continues to aid the Government in pushing us ever closer to a real, genuine shooting war, West Point graduate Joachim Hagopian lays bare the U.S. machinations that over the past half century have seen its military forces forging a Pax Americana on the world’s nations. It is long past time for the American public, among the most charitable and freedom-loving people on Earth, to assert themselves over the corrupt and militaristic leadership that has occupied Washington.



Trident Missile Launch over LA: US Empire Races to World War III

By Joachim Hagopian
November 10, 2015

Without warning just after sunset on Saturday night the US Navy purposely picked a time to launch an unarmed Trident II missile from the submarine the USS Kentucky in the waters off the Southern California coast so hundreds of thousands of witnesses would be sure to see the sky lit up and headlines would spread around the world. The event was seen as far away as northern California, Arizona and Nevada. Beginning the night before on Friday evening the FAA announced that the US Navy created a no fly zone shutting down LA airport flights from flying west over the ocean from America’s second busiest airport during this week until Thursday due to unspecified military activity.

With this latest unsettling event, the writing on the wall keeps looming larger as war drums keep beating louder. It seems from every direction we’re being bombarded these days by doom and gloom news that World War III is about to break out at any time. Less than two weeks ago the US Navy destroyer the USS Lassen brushed within 12 nautical miles of a couple of freshly built Chinese islands that Beijing accused the US of violating its territorial rights while staking its regional claim over the South China Sea. While China threatened military retaliation the next time the US patrols too close, unnamed US government officials have already vowed they will do it again claiming free navigational maritime rights since the US refuses to accept the manmade islands as China’s legitimate territory.

Over recent months the navies and air forces of all three superpowers have been patrolling ever so closer to waters and airspaces near each other’s borders. In September five Chinese warships were observed near Alaska’s Bering Strait. Little more than a week ago two Russian reconnaissance planes had to be escorted away from a US aircraft carrier in the Sea of Japan. This dodgy game of chicken continues with each nation seemingly bent on ratcheting up tensions in an undeclared war that’s been building for more than a year.

Meanwhile during this last month, the most dangerous hotspot has been Syria where for the first time the US has sent military boots on the ground after Russia launched its anti-ISIS offensive. The mounting ground forces may be joined by US puppet Gulf state Qatar sending troops to the Syrian battlefront. Both US and Russian superpowers are precariously sharing the same airspace with warplanes supporting opposing armies. In retaliation for Putin taking charge and upending the US fake war against ISIS, Obama sent Special Forces into Syria to help rescue its terrorist ally on the run (3000 jihadists fled to Jordan and Turkey in the first week alone) and defiantly oppose the Russian led coalition aiding Syria. Unfortunately the United States seems committed to winding up on the wrong side of history after having created and continuing to this day its not-so-secret support of its terrorist mercenary ally the Islamic State militants. Syria remains a powder keg ready to explode into world war.

While Putin actually fulfills what treasonous Obama falsely promised he would do over a year ago, hunt down and wipe out the terrorists, the elite’s puppet Obama muddles on obediently carrying out the suicidal globalist agenda to ignite a global war stretching to every corner of the earth. The US continues supplying air support and high powered weapons like surface-to-air missiles for the anti-Assad terrorists while Russia offers the same committed support to the Assad forces. It’s only a matter of time before this superpower proxy war turns into a head-on collision when American military forces begin killing Russians and/or Russian military forces begin killing Americans. This is all that’s needed to spark the start of World War III.

And now this US missile launch is the latest event in this highly disturbing series of incidents escalating global tension. The BBC headline read “Mysterious Light in the Sky Spooks California.” Posted YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook went into overdrive frenzy with the West all abuzz over the strange unannounced occurrence. The US Navy’s decision to fire off a thermonuclear missile into the western skies overlooking Los Angeles was sending a clear message to the entire world. By making it such a public spectacle witnessed by hundreds of thousands in America’s second largest metropolis, Washington’s clear intention was launching another alarming shot across the bow aimed directly at warning Russia and China to “back off or else.” The range of the missile launched on Saturday is 4000 nautical miles, within reach of Beijing. The US government is reacting to Russia and China’s challenge to US global dominance as the world’s most powerful nation on earth.

This unprecedented event also culminates a week when three Congressional subcommittee hearings met with top warmongering brass over “US war readiness” (or lack thereof) for World War III against cold war foes turned hotter than ever Russia and China. As part of its global war prepping, a massive six week NATO exercise begun last month enters its final week involving 36,000 troops, 200 aircraft and 60 ships spanning air, land and sea in three countries in the largest NATO war games in thirteen years.

Speaking just hours before the nearby missile launch from the neocon holy grounds of the Ronald Reagan Library on Saturday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter reiterated the US position that it will not tolerate Russia and China “challenging the world order.” The United States is determined to reign supreme in keeping its sole world superpower status at all cost amidst the rising power of the East in Russia and China vowing to stand up to America’s ruthless dominance both economically as well as militarily. While Carter accused Russia of “nuclear saber-rattling” and “violating sovereignty,” the US continues placing over 200 nuclear warheads in non-nuclear NATO countries along Russia’s doorstep. The sheer hypocrisy coming from Carter’s lips show blatant guilt over committing the very same offenses he blasted Russia for. But then that’s simply the nature of US exceptionalism. The bombastic neocon told more lies:

We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot, war with Russia. We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake; the United States will defend our interests, our allies, the principled international order, and the positive future it affords us all.

In recent months and years there has been an ongoing cyber-war particularly with China over countercharges of spying and hacking into each other’s technological and military secrets. There is also a covert war being waged with saboteurs causing deadly explosions at industrial sites. The massive fiery Tianjin explosion in August followed shortly by several more since including the US munitions depot blown up in Tokyo appear to be acts of mutual sabotage. The speculated cause of the Tianjin “accident” was an orbiting scalar weapon launched from the earth’s upper atmosphere aimed at taking out China’s super computer system.

Yet another front in America’s undeclared war with China and Russia is the ongoing currency war. Since the Russo-Sino alliance has joined economic forces with Brazil, India and South Africa vis-à-vis the BRICS alliance, they have spearheaded the global move to abandon the US dollar as the standard international currency. China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is also challenging America’s faltering leadership in a stagnant global economy where a major West to East power shift is currently afoot.

With the failed US-NATO policy in recent decades to isolate adversarial rivals Russia and China by covertly turning their bordering neighbors against them while lining up warhead missiles in their backyard, by necessity Russia and China have forged a strong alliance to ensure their very survival. The covert US aggression in overthrowing the Ukraine government in 2014 and the subsequent demonization of Putin pushed Russia to make a lucrative pipeline deal and strengthen its ties with China. Through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Russia and China have successfully courted four resource-rich Central Asian neighbors while extending membership to India and Pakistan in 2016 and most recently courting Iran as an inclusive wall of defense against infringing Western imperialism. Having tolerated global transgressions of the most arrogant, brutal world superpower bully in history for decades now, Russia and China appear ready to call America’s hegemonic bluff by openly challenging the sinking US Empire in a global war on multiple fronts – fought militarily, economically and geopolitically.

If its megalomaniacal obsession for grandiose US exceptionalism has Washington desperately seeking to retain its global hegemony on its fast track to world war, then Russia and China appear more than ready to deliver. In August Russia and China embarked on their largest joint naval war exercise in history preparing for maritime conflict with America in the Pacific. Not only does the most populated country on earth possess the largest military at 2.4 million, China also has amassed more naval warships and warplanes attached to its Pacific fleet than the US, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam combined. Its maritime prowess in the East and South China Seas and the western Pacific presents a stiff challenge to the global master stretched over the seven seas. Clearly in recent years both Russia and China have made significant strides in upgrading and strengthening their military power. Because the US-NATO forces have already prepared a plan for preemptive first strike nuclear options against Russia and China, in self-defense the powers of the East have similar contingency plans. If even less than half the US-Russian nuclear arsenal was ever deployed, life on earth would cease to exist. Sadly, the devastating impact of a world war between superpowers in this day and age cannot possibly produce a single winner as every human on earth stands to lose his or her life.

Ever since the breakup of the Soviet Empire near a quarter century ago, the US Empire has abused its military might as the sole global superpower on the geopolitics chessboard by aggressively transforming our planet into a unipolar dominated world. The US Empire has overextended its military killing machine to every continent on earth. With more than 1.4 million US military occupiers in uniform at over 1000 active military installations worldwide and its elite Special Forces covertly operating in more than three quarters of the world’s nations, the US Empire as the sole world bully has become the ruling elite’s private army unleashed to intimidate, threaten, occupy, and destroy any nation or people that fails to bend over and be violated by Empire’s corporatized pillaging and plundering. By siccing its military henchmen or economic hitmen on its nation victims, the IMF-World Bank apparatus through the central banking cabal sticks every Third World nation with unpayable interest debt loans in order for predatory transnationals to privatize and rape the earth’s most valuable resources – be it human slave labor, oil, precious metals or water.

By diabolical design the global elite under the Bushes, Clintons and Obama has misused the US Empire to willfully take down America as the world’s most powerful nation from within, destroying its once vibrant middle class and aging, crumbling infrastructure, leaving it without a manufacturing base, near 19 trillion dollars in national debt, and a house of cards economy just a false flag away from total collapse. With the globalist agenda to turn the United States into another Third World debtor nation virtually complete now, all that stands in the way of full implementation of NWO’s one world government and UN Agenda 21 is World War III. With the DC maniacs in control, the people must rise up and stop the madness from killing us all.



Joachim Hagopian, a West Point graduate and former US Army officer, has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century.

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