The Crisis in Syria: Shock and Awe, Suez and The Cuban Missile Crisis Redux

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Missiles in Cuba…atrocities in South Vietnam…babies thrown from incubators…weapons of mass destruction…poison gas…mini-holocausts all around. Sound familiar? Same old rhetoric from the same old fascists – whether National Socialists (Nazis) or Marxist Socialists. The only real question is if the American people are going to allow themselves to be dragged into another tragic war – perhaps even risking nuclear Armageddon – by the machinations of the leaders imposed upon them by the corporate mass media.



The Crisis in Syria:  Shock and Awe, Suez and The Cuban Missile Crisis Redux


by Rich Scheck
August 27, 2013


History is repeating itself but at a level of complexity that makes previous world crises pale into insignificance in the run-up to WWIII.


If Obama repeats the 2003 attack by Bush on Iraq in Syria, he risks triggering a global conflagration of unimaginable proportions that may go nuclear with Russia and China’s participation.


The Nobel Peace Prize winner appears to have committed US forces to punishing the Assad regime under the pretext of them having improbably used chemical weapons under highly questionable circumstances.


Doing so, in addition to providing major support for the Al-Qaeda rebels inside Syria, will create

a global crisis exceeding in seriousness the Cuban Missile standoff of 1962 and the Suez Crisis

of 1956—-combined!


By-passing the Security Council will antagonize Russia and China in ways that exacerbate already frayed feelings among these mega-powers, especially after the Libya debacle in which they were manipulated into backing a no-fly zone which NATO used for regime change under the guise of humanitarian intervention.


The breast-beating and waving of the bloody shirt by Secretary of State Kerry as a prelude to

Obama launching Shock and Awe II far exceeds in hypocrisy and criminality Colin Powell’s

pathetic performance at the UN when he claimed proof of Saddam’s WMDs.


With unending scandals back-logged for investigation by an inept and flaccid Congress, some of

Obama’s national security team are loudly banging the drums of war in a Wag the Dog scenario that would make Bill Clinton proud.


These people act as if John McCain won the 2008 election and as if no one has learned the lessons of Nuremberg which outlawed wars of aggression!


Babies killed in incubators, WMD’s in Irag, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Remember the Maine and a

countless litany of false flag events to justify wars of aggression on behalf of Empire in our name

has rendered this once great Republic a world pariah.


The American people have been stripped of their wealth, constitutional rights and reputation as the citadel of liberty to support an unending series of wars of global conquest for the natural resources and strategic advantage done under the banner of democracy and human rights.


The next and perhaps final chapter in this sad saga is about to be written in the days ahead with

the unfolding events in Syria.  The American people remain prostrate in the face of unending

propaganda from the media and the bellicose chorus of war cries from leaders of both parties.


The question remains: What will it take for a sufficient out-pouring of outrage and resistance

from the public to stop the war-mongers from proceeding with their plans of conquest?  When

will enough people wake up to the lies and manipulations and corruption that have brought us

to the edge of this abyss?


Can America, humanity, the planet be saved from oblivion?  Every day the answer to that inquiry

seems to be NO as we stumble—like ignorant children—deeper and deeper into a future filled

with savagery, economic collapse and ecological disaster.


Rejection of political solutions and reliance on the use of force is the mark of moral weakness and a true prescription for cultural suicide.  The world today is faced will unparalleled peril: we must somehow find the courage and wisdom to face these dangers or watch as others continue to lead us  into a bleak reality that is now the hallmark of the 21st Century.

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