The Bitter – Sweet Essence of Life

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The Bitter – Sweet Essence of Life

Mitch Battros – 2007-12-17


Paste this insightful little message next to your calendar and the next time you decide to just sit in front of the TV, think instead of joining with some friends and building lines of communication — I think we’re going to need them.


The Bitter – Sweet Essence of Life

by Mitch Battros
Earth Changes Media
December 17, 2007

As with so many awakening ventures, [life today] is not without its share of growing pains. The coming months and few years ahead will most likely be a turbulent ride. It will be important to remember the value of family and community. In this double-edged sword of technological advancement, so many of us have become isolated, with what appears to be a majority of us not even knowing our neighbors other than a name on a mailbox. The need for a healthy nurturing environment has never been more important.

The coming challenges will no doubt elicit raw emotions and a healthy dose of confusion. Emotions can be a nasty trigger which will need to be harnessed. Watch closely for mood-swings. The most common will be depression, anxiety, and anger. As events escalate (both natural and man made) it will most likely be common place for people to become off-balance. When this occurs, we often resort to our primal brain—the fight of flight response. Sometimes this is very useful, but when off-balance, it can become self-defeating.

Some people believe our character defects (part of our personality) should be destroyed and done away with. I would suggest that although when parts of our character or personality are “mis-used”, they do indeed become harmful and self-defeating. However, character and personality is uniquely “us”. They are there for a purpose. It is no accident you have them. It is what you do with them that makes the difference.

Example of some natural healthy emotions/feelings are: anger, grief, sadness, joy, sensual, depression, anxiety and others. Yes, that’s right—anger can be very healthy. But when mis-used, it can be harmful and self-defeating. Sex is a beautiful energy, but when mis-used for selfish reasons it can be harmful and self-defeating. Sadness and grieving is a natural act of emoting and necessary to process loss, but when mis-used it can become harmful and self-defeating. This can be said for all things associated with our natural instincts. How we use these instincts becomes are ‘character’ or personality.

Perhaps a better way to view our flaws or character defects would to see that at one time in our lives, our actions and behaviors were useful. It helped us survive, cope, exist. But somewhere along the way, these very same character traits started to work against us. It is at this time we most often resort to defense mechanisms such as anger (energy extended outward); or depression (energy extended inward).

Our ancestors have told us this very time you and I are in will see escalating earth changing events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes etc. Both our ancestors and modern science tell us the Earth has seen this many times in the past, and will see these events unfold many times in the future. It is simply the cycle of life. The yin and yang, the ebb and flow, the expansion and contraction. We just happen to be living in that time of extreme change.

Our Mayan elders in particular, tell us during this time of transition we will experience “inwardly” a mirror of what is occurring “outwardly”. This is to say—what we see in the way of turbulent times in earth changes and war (outwardly), we will experience (inwardly) in the way of personal conflict which will most likely elicit mood-swings, anger, depression, and fear. It has been suggested some will have a more difficult time than others. I am no exception. We are all unique and have ‘growth spurts’ and ‘stuck points’ in varies areas of life. Some may do well with change in one area, but suffer greatly in another.

This is where community comes in. Where one has strength and direction, can help the other who does not. There really is strength in numbers, and we are not all alike. Here is a little visual tool that will help you grasp this notion. If one hundred, one thousand, or one million people were to hold hands in a circle at any one moment, about twenty percent (maybe more) are experiencing a very difficult time in their lives.

Now visualize that while holding hands in this circle, the energy is passed from one person to the next. Those that are having a good day and are abundant with energy will pass it along in the circle. Those that are having a difficult day will absorb the energy needed. Some are delivering, some are absorbing. By the end of a short prayer, chant, mantra, or whatever — the energy will have elevated those that need it and maintain the balance for those that don’t.

Have you ever wondered why almost all tribes and religious groups form a circle when conducting a sacred ritual or ceremony? Perhaps the above explains exactly why—-

Such as I study the science of cycles (earth science and space weather), I begin to understand its remarkable resemblance to the cycle of life. More specifically, the maturation process of us humans. Remember, we chose to come to this high school to gain whatever lessons we set out to learn. There is a purpose, there is a rhythm, there is a meaning. So we spend all our adult life just trying to figure out what the heck it is—— :-). And by the time we do, it’s time to move onto the next venture, whether it be here on Earth, or something much, much more…

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