Syria Update: So Much To Cover-Up and So Little Time

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Would you like the other side of the current news…something other than the sameness of the corporate-controlled mass media? Try this scathing editorial – with appropriate links – by Richard Scheck. In the immortal words of that great philosopher Pogo Possum, “We have met the enemy and he is us!”


Syria Update:  So Much To Cover-Up and So Little Time

Editorial by Rich Scheck
San Jose, CA

September 2, 2013

The President had his fingers crossed when he promised to follow the Constitution on Saturday.

Now he announces that he will attack Syria even if Congress denies him approval:

Obama has taken the concept of the unitary executive that the Bush team endorsed to a new level that borders on tyranny in his claim to war-making authority even without proof of Assad’s responsibility.
For those who doubt his intentions, review his Friends of Syria project:

Reliance on the media to saturate the public consciousness will be part of his Wag-The-Dog plan:


It is becoming apparent that his motivation for the attack comes from the need to divert the public learning more about his many scandals and cover-up new revelations pertaining to Benghazi:; the National Security Agency; and perhaps the biggest bombshell coming from Jerome Corsi that Obama was secretly funding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt through  his half-brother:


To make matters much worse for the embattled President, members of the military are pushing back against their Commander-In-Chief by saying they are reluctant to fight in the Syrian civil war on the side of Al-Qaeda:


Now hawks like Obama, Biden and Kerry from the Democrats along with McCain, Graham, and

Mike Rodgers from the Republicans are in common cause in their call for the raw assertion of naked power from their indispensable nation, the global (Keystone) cops out to enforce international law (the

sacredness of punishing the use of chemical weapons) while breaking it at the same time.

By forgetting the lessons of Nuremberg and foregoing the mandate of the UN Charter that proscribes the use or threat of military force unless authorized by the Security Council, Obama mocks the very high-minded evocation of international law he proclaims to follow.


After a short period of joyful relief from the belligerent pronouncements by his team, we are now

faced with an escalation of the crisis back to its original level of seriousness in which the grim prospect of nuclear war has re-emerged.


Peter King is right:  failure to attack will diminish the Presidency…..which in this case is a good thing!  No more executive wars; no more unilateral drone strikes; no more Pax Americana; no more police state; no more wars of aggression; no more waste of resources in support of the military-industrial complex; no more expenditure of our children’s blood to enrich the war-mongers and their corporate backers.


The American people need to rise up and put an end to this two-party treachery done in its name.  We need to take back our power, restore the Constitution and begin a humanitarian intervention here at home to reinvigorate our crumbling nation, honor the Bill of Rights and secure the blessings of liberty for
ourselves and our posterity!


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