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Some people oppose the use of marijuana while others support such use…including 18 states that have passed laws easing pot prohibition and providing for medical marijuana. But all of us should be able to support First Amendment free speech and assembly. Apparently the Federal Government is not familiar with or supportive of the Bill of Rights. On May 18, activist broadcaster and Marine Adam Kokesh was arrested while speaking at a pro-pot rally in Philadelphia.

The complaint charged him with assaulting a police officer. It seems questionable how a person standing on a platform holding a microphone can be construed as assaulting a policeman who comes onto the stage and grabs him. Here is a good video of Kokesh’s arrest. Try to find the assault.


Now, match this video with the arrest affidavit posted here:


The video and the affidavit are not compatible.

Next, according to videos taken at the scene, a man appears to be trying to plant something in Kokesh’s pocket. Here’s the video:


It turns out the man in the green shirt is Don DeZarn, a Libertarian candidate from New Jersey. He was depicted earlier with a cigarette in his mouth. Instead of trying to plant a joint on Kokesh, he may have been simply trying to ditch a joint.

A new website dedicated to Kokesh’s incarceration, http://freeadam.net/2013/05/19/free-adam-kokesh-call-flood-mon-may-20-8am/, made this appeal:

“Please pick up your phone for Adam Mon May 20 2013 starting at 8AM EDT, call and politely but firmly demand his immediate and unconditional release. Ranked in order of importance:

“I demand the immediate and unconditional release of Adam Kokesh and the dropping of all charges against him.”

(1) US Attorney (Phila): (215) 861-8200
(2) US Magistrate (Phila): (215) 597-6079
(3) Philadelphia Federal Prison: 215-521-4000 (wait a sec, then press 0)
(4) US Federal Courthouse (Phila): (215) 597-7704
(5) US Park Police Office of the Chief in DC: (202) 619-7350 and Philadelphia: 215-597-7077

After calling, please tweet using the hashtag #FreeAdam.”

To add insult to injury, some of Kokesh’s supporters were confronted by a subway cop on their way home and watch what transpired:


Why would the government, through Philadelphia law enforcement officers arrest peaceful demonstrators exercising their rights?

Perhaps all this has to do with the proposed armed march being organized by Koresh in Washington, D.C. on July 4. At this writing some 3,000 persons were proposing to march across the Memorial Bridge in Washington, which, despite the city’s gun ban being struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, retains the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, armed with slung rifles and shotguns as a protest against gun control. They intended to march past the Capitol and the Supreme Court in violation of traffic and park regulations.

Kokesh has worked with D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier to guarantee a peaceable demonstration. However, Lanier has stated that if a law is broken, there will be consequences. Kokesh pledged he will “submit to arrest without resisting.”

That is the point, after all,” commented Blogger Stephano Medina. “Though many commentators are attacking Kokesh for everything from being impractical to having poor taste, they are overlooking the fact that this proposed march of thousands isn’t even meant to happen. Perhaps that is because Kokesh is doing something that some Americans no longer understand and others don’t have the patience for: good old fashioned civil disobedience. Of course, the past four years have been historic in terms of protests and demonstrations across the globe, with the Occupy movement, Tea Party, class riots in France and England, and the Arab Spring…

Enter Adam Kokesh. You may disagree with his libertarian politics — I, for one, do — but when he hands off his rifle and quietly submits to arrest this summer, few people will find him selfish or unresolved. He will not be making a coercive point, backed by the force of his masses or the rancor of their voice, but a moral one, the kind that has been made by many before him who have submitted to the rule of law while conceding its flaws. The police won’t be halting his ‘unstoppable force’ more than they’ll be giving it a ramp. Come summer, don’t be surprised if it works.

Source: http://www.policymic.com/articles/40849/adam-kokesh-open-carry-march-what-liberals-can-learn-from-this-revival-of-civil-disobedience

Now let’s see…what better way to nip such a demonstration in the bud than to arrest the ringleaders before it even takes place? That’s the way the authorities would have handled this situation in Nazi Germany or communist Russia. Is this truly what you want for America?

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