New PRISM slide leaked by the Guardian: NSA has direct access to servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and others

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In the 1970s, Daniel Ellsberg was first vilified as an unpatriotic scumbag but later hailed as a patriotic hero for making public the Pentagon Papers which revealed secret decision-making by the government regarding the Vietnam War. Thais merely involved one man, one deed, and one war. Only time will tell what kind of treatment is received by Edward Snowden who has revealed the incredible extent of U.S. Government spying on its own citizens. Likewise, it remains to be seen what reaction – of lack of one – there will be among the American public. This involves each and every citizen. Will we demand real change and accountability from our elected officials or will we all just go back to our computers and continue to supply the government with all the information it needs to keep us in servitude?


Breaking: New PRISM slide leaked by the Guardian: NSA has direct access to servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and others

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Breaking news — this is one of the biggest stories of our lifetime — it is critical for all internet users to read and understand this. The Guardian has just released a new slide today from its collection of 41 PRISM slides detailing the top secret NSA spy program that has, for years, granted the U.S. government “back door” access to the servers of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, Facebook and others. The new slide, shown below, reveals that every one of these companies has been blatantly and viciously lying to its users over the last several days as they have denied the government has any sort of “direct access” to their servers.

In a brilliant move of strategic journalism, the Guardian held on to this revealing PRISM slide until today, allowing all these tech companies to dig themselves into deep holes of denial regarding participation in the NSA spy program. Once all the companies were on the record claiming government has no “direct access” to their servers, the Guardian slapped down this jaw-dropping top secret slide image shown below. It reveals, in plain English, that the NSA’s “FAA702” operations engage in “collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.”

That slide, originally published by the Guardian, is shown here:

In one fell swoop, the credibility of the top U.S. technology companies as well as the federal government has now been shattered. They’ve all been lying to us. Maliciously… destructively… demonically!

It is now obvious that Facebook is a massive spy network whose primary purpose is to get you to upload and post all your personal information so that all that information can be data-mined by government spooks. The primary purpose of Gmail is not to provide a free email services, but rather to get people to send and receive emails through an online service that’s directly scanned by the NSA.

All these tech giants — Hotmail, YouTube, Apple, AOL, Yahoo Mail — exist to spy on you and turn over your information to government spooks… in total violation of U.S. law and basic human dignity.

Tech giants conspired with government to betray their own users

What this astonishing PRISM slide reveals is that all your favorite tech companies are actively working against you, treating you like a criminal suspect while secretly sifting through all your personal emails, phone calls, files and photos. This was all being done with the complete approval of Bush, and then Obama. Unless it is stopped, it will certainly be carried on by the next president, too, who will inherit the infrastructure of a massive police state spy grid.

Now the whole world knows that Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and others are actively conspiring with the federal government to violate your Fourth Amendment rights, steal your private data, deceive you about the purpose of their services and betray you at every level. Furthermore, it is now established that the NSA has direct access to tech company servers where it can scan and copy all your private data in real time.

That the federal government even believes it has the right and the power to engage in such a massive surveillance effort is beyond alarming. These are the actions of a government seeking to utterly destroy privacy and dominate all citizens while making sure none of those citizens ever found out what was really going on.

The government’s position is that YOU cannot have any secrets. But the government itself can do anything and everything in secret, including violating your rights and even violating federal law a million times a second as it scans the private emails and postings of innocent American citizens.

Make no mistake: What has been uncovered here is absolute proof that the federal government is a criminal regime which has utterly abandoned the rule of law. It does anything it wants — with no limits or restrictions — because it knows it can get away with it. And when government isn’t held in check, it will always expand like a cancer tumor until it reaches the point of an insane, power hungry police state dictatorship where the citizens are disarmed, censored, yet endlessly surveiled to make sure they don’t say anything critical of the government. That’s what the IRS and DOJ intimidation campaigns were all about, of course: making sure people who are awake and aware are terrorized by the government into keeping their mouths shut.

The U.S. is suffering a “calamitous collapse in the rule of law,” writes Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. He’s the guy who went public years ago, saying Facebook was a giant spy machine for the U.S. government. It turns out he was spot on.

The conspiracy theorists were right all along

Over the last several years, anyone who warned that the U.S. government was reading your emails or spying on your Facebook posts was instantly derided as a conspiracy kook or nut job by the hilariously dis-informed mainstream media. How many times did the mainstream media make fun of Alex Jones for warning of these exact programs? Alex has been describing Facebook as a “spy grid” for at least three years. He has accurately described Google as “the NSA” for even longer. Instead of taking him seriously, the mainstream media laughed at him and called him crazy. But it turns out he was right all along.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m a fill-in host for the Alex Jones show from time to time. I’m saying it because Alex Jones and the entire Infowars team deserves some sort of massive apology from the mainstream media at this point. Not only was Alex right about all this, he actually under-stated the severity of it. The online spy grid is far, far worse than what even Alex warned about, we now know.

The leaking of these PRISM slides reveals the sobering truth that we are living under electronic tyranny right now. All of our phone calls, emails, voice chats, texts and cloud storage files are being copied, scanned and data-mined by the NSA. Nothing is safe from the government, and as long as this continues, the government will remain the No. 1 threat against our freedom and safety.

When the government knows your secrets, it controls you

The threat of “terrorism” pales in comparison to the threat that this spy grid will be radically abused by the federal government. To have all these secrets on so many people is to wield almost unlimited power to control those people.

Imagine how many journalists or corporate CEOs have engaged in online chat session “affairs” with would-be mistresses or lovers. Imagine all your email conversations with your attorneys, doctors or therapists being read by the government. Imagine the government archiving all your phone calls and geographic locations, then data-mining that information and using it against you in a blackmail campaign.

Imagine how this power could be used to control members of congress, White House staffers or prominent journalists. Any group that controls all these secrets effectively controls the country, because almost everyone is guilty of something that can be used against them in a threatening way.

PRISM isn’t about tracking terrorists; it’s about stalking and surveilling influential Americans

What kind of Americans? Journalists, congressmen, senators, CEOs, tech company founders and so on. Once the secrets are compiled on targeted people, they are used against them to force them into compliance with whatever scheme the NSA happens to be running. The fact that this technology even exists transforms the NSA into an electronic mafia with almost unlimited power.

If this doesn’t shake you to your core, you don’t yet grasp the full implications of it. No one is safe now that this system exists. Freedom is history. Orwell’s 1984 is old hat. The new “1984” is far more terrifying and powerful… almost omniscient. Citizens must now live in fear of what they say or type, as everything is being watched by Big Brother. It’s not a Big Brother you can trust, either, since the government has gone to great lengths to keep all this secret and make sure the public didn’t know any of this.

This is not what America is supposed to be, but it’s what America has been allowed to become by apathetic citizens who have become so comfortably numb with their lives that they forgot to hold government accountable. So government has grown and festered to the point where it’s now the greatest threat of all. And yet some people are still living in total denial, claiming the spy grid is perfectly fine because, as they say, “I have nothing to hide.”

But of course you do. And the government probably already knows every last detail of it. If you’ve spoken of it, emailed anyone about it or posted pictures related to it, your “secret” is no longer a secret to the NSA.

Combine all this with the NSA’s voice recognition algorithms and photo facial recognition capabilities, and you end up with the world’s most massive socio-relational spy apparatus that would make the KGB of the 1980’s drop to their knees in sheer awe.

Conclusion? Trust in government and tech companies is shattered

So now we know. The tech giants are all handing over your private data to the NSA. They’ve been doing it for years, all in secret, and the federal government has been violating your rights and privacy at every level. Both the government and these tech giants now have zero credibility.

You cannot trust them. They are your enemy. They are a cabal of criminal monsters who abide by no laws and recognize no rights whatsoever. They seek total domination and control, and they have no intention of stopping what they are doing. We must all now make serious efforts to completely divorce ourselves from using anything related to Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and so on.

Because it doesn’t look like the NSA has any plans to stop operating this massive, illegal spy grid. For it to be shut down, it will have to be physically destroyed (i.e. nuked by the Russians or something). No “law” will stop this, since the groups running it already violate countless federal laws. Any Senator or lawmaker who even threatens to try to shut this system down would be blackmailed with private data gathered through the system itself.

The NSA now has Congress by the balls. And the President as well, surely. We are now living under an information regime so terrifyingly powerful that no one is safe… not even the people who built it.

No wonder these slides got leaked by a senior intelligence officer who saw PRISM in action and freaked out about its capabilities. The way he described it, they can “quite literally watch your ideas form as you type.”

Omniscience is dangerous if not coupled with humility and morality. I can think of nothing more dangerous today than government achieving the power of God.


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