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The Navy Yard shooting — here we go again. A lone deranged shooter goes on a shooting spree and is killed conveniently distracting the public from the ongoing morass of corruption and scandals within the federal government and the threat of war overseas. As with most such cases, the shooter is killed and no one is left to tell the tale except government officials. In this article, Joel Skousen points out the tell-tale signs of yet another arranged event to push the New World Order’s anti-gun agenda. Perhaps if enough people wake up to these confabulations, this agenda will fail and we can return to a more peaceful society.




By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief
September 20, 2013

One could almost predict the tone of the news stories about the shooting this week at the Navy Yard in Washington DC. Witnesses reported multiple shooters who were allowed to escape. Later, police reports and statements by controlled police chiefs dismissed the other shooters without explaining why. The “lone shooter” was revealed to have a history of being mentally unstable and taking mood altering drugs (or mind control/hypnosis). The weapon was broadly reported to be an assault weapon even as the facts indicated otherwise. The shooting took place in one of the most restrictive weapons areas in the country but government failed to intervene despite multiple warning signs. This same old pattern continues to emerge time and again with each successive mass murder with guns—and the inevitable coverup by law enforcement ensures the full truth will never be known.

The object of all these manufactured mass murders is gun control including eventual confiscation, and though politicians are loath to risk their careers by voting against guns, this is a prime issue on the globalist agenda and they won’t take no for an answer. America will continue to be subjected to these setup killings until they get their way.

Combined with the almost weekly occurrence of urban workplace or gang shootings (13 dead in a Chicago ghetto today) the PTB are hoping Americans can be goaded into gun confiscation. However, they run the risk that people will rightly come to the conclusion that the only solution is for more citizens to be armed for personal protection, rather than less. After all these mass killings always happen in places where no one can be armed for self protection.


After the Newtown shootings, members of the anti-gun lobby were ready and waiting to pounce on reports that the perpetrator, Aaron Alexis, was using an AR-15 assault rifle to do the killing. Pundits immediately called for a renewal of the assault weapons ban and more gun control. As Erik Wemple hints, this was a massive disinformation campaign propagated by law enforcement and the media:

CNN correspondent Pamela Brown just reported on air that Aaron Alexis, the deceased suspect in the Navy Yard shootings, entered the facility yesterday armed with a shotgun. Citing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as well as law enforcement sources, Brown reported that the gunman had tried to purchase an AR-15 at a gun shop in Northern Virginia but was turned down. Two pistols were also recovered.


So why all the reports about the gunman and an AR-15? This is how Brown explained it [of course, never admitting that CNN and others were all too willing to promulgate this lie]: “Military personnel that were responding to the shooting were carrying maybe one or more AR-15s and that’s where the confusion came from, initially from law enforcement. That’s why that was reported.”


Reported far and wide, that is. A Nexis search — “AR-15 and gunman and ‘navy yard’” — turned up nearly 270 articles. In the mix, the AR-15 plays a role in several ways. Either the guy was “armed” with the AR-15 or it was instrumental in his terrorizing a cafeteria or it was found alongside him. It’s an enormous data point, too, given that the AR-15 was used in the Newtown and Aurora, Colo., mass killings.


The actual weapon was a Remington 870 shotgun Alexis had purchased two days earlier. According to police he also shot a security guard and began using the officer’s .40-caliber Beretta semiautomatic. It’s good that this shooting hasn’t implicated an assault weapon again. The evidence of an AR-15 as the sole weapon used in Newtown was most likely fabricated and I’m glad they aren’t pulling the same stunt here.

Early reports from Newtown said the assault rifle had been left behind in the gunman’s car and it wasn’t implicated in the deaths until the coroner issued his statement that the AR-15 had killed all the victims. Although the other shooters at that scene could have been using such weapons, I think the coroner falsified parts of his report to demonize the assault rifle. Based on combat reports in Vietnam, the .223 high velocity round of an AR-15 assault rifle would have passed through most people and especially children—and not lodged in the body as claimed by the coroner. No actual detailed ballistics report has been issued showing the weapons found and matching them to the bullets extracted and analyzed. Why not if it is conclusive and so many conspiracy questions abound?


In fact very little evidence has to be presented if the culprit (or patsy) is killed or kills himself as part of the shooting and thus eliminating the need for a trial. James Holmes, the movie theater shooter, is one of the few cases where a mass shooter didn’t end his own life and I think it wasn’t meant to end that way. Apparently he lapsed into a daze and wandered into police custody without a fight or taking his own life. Notice he has been kept under mood-altering drugs and psychiatric care since his arrest. If you doubt that government would be willing to fabricate criminal reports involving guns, consider that the FBI national lab was recently criticized by the Inspector General for fabricating evidence on gun crimes in past years.

One of the terrible aspects of the Navy Yard shooting is that the gunfire was allowed to go on for over half an hour—way too long given standard emergency response times. In what could become a major scandal it was discovered that the DC Police forced a highly trained and heavily armed emergency tactical response team to stand down and leave the ongoing battle scene within minutes of it starting. If true, this means there was a conspiracy to make sure there were a lot more casualties than a quick response would have allowed. This article on “Capitol Police thwarted from aiding at Navy Yard” is from USA Today:


Officer says tactical team arrived quickly but Capitol Police commander ordered officers to return. The U.S. Capitol Police have launched an investigation into whether an elite tactical team was abruptly recalled from responding to Monday’s Navy Yard shooting massacre before D.C. Metropolitan Police officers confronted the shooter.


Two Metropolitan Police officers entered the Navy Yard without the Capitol Police team and one was wounded by the gunman, Aaron Alexis. The elite Capitol Police Containment & Emergency Response Team is based just a few blocks from the Navy Yard. A law enforcement source told WUSA-TV the unit was less than 30 seconds from the gate and responded as Metropolitan Police pleaded for help.


A Capitol Police watch commander “wouldn’t let them go in and stop people from being slaughtered,” one officer told the Washington TV station, which is owned by Gannett, USA TODAY’s parent company. Capitol Police spokesman Shennell Antrobus said Wednesday that Chief Kim Dine ordered the independent inquiry, which is to report its findings and recommendations by Oct. 21.


This is explosive evidence, and Dine’s ordering an “inquiry” is a typical stalling tactic which will use controlled individuals to cover up or downplay the significance of this stand-down order. Dine should be the chief suspect in this inquiry not the one ordering the investigation, but that’s not going to happen. This delay in police reaction sounds like what happened at Columbine where the shooters were left so much time they would wander around looking for more victims.

Fortunately, the gun control hype surrounding this incident is fading as the media is forced to address several difficulties surrounding Alexis getting on base with loaded weapons, in particular how Alexis got his Security Clearance renewed in July after numerous police and mental health red flags that were somehow dismissed by gatekeepers in the system. Here’s a summary of the problems a background check would have revealed (via CBS News):


Seattle police posted details about the May, 2004 incident… Two construction workers there reported seeing Alexis walk out of his home, pull a gun from his waistband and fire three shots into the two rear tires into a 1986 Honda owned by one of the workers before slowly walking back to the home.


Police reportedly later arrested Alexis after finding a gun and ammunition in his room in his grandmother’s home, where he had been staying. After his arrest, Seattle police reported he told officers he felt “mocked” by the workers and felt they had “disrespected him.” He claimed his anger caused a “blackout” and that he couldn’t remember the incident until about an hour after he fired the shots at the car.


A continuing records check uncovered that Alexis had a concealed pistol license and a Glock .45 caliber gun registered to him, according to a police report made public on the Seattle Police Department’s website. He was booked for malicious mischief, according to the report. [Why didn’t he have this gun with him on his Navy Yard rampage?]


Alexis was also was arrested in September 2010 for allegedly firing a gun inside his Texas apartment, reports the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram… Alexis had been arrested in DeKalb County, Ga., in 2008 on a disorderly conduct charge and held for two nights.


So that makes 3 arrests, and the gun crimes get on the national database accessed by the federal government for use in security clearances. Yet, strangely, none of these disciplinary problems or arrests prevented Alexis from receiving a security clearance or from purchasing a shotgun recently in northern Virginia.


That’s just not possible unless someone inside is hiding his records from the computer database—as happens with people with criminal records that are working for the dark side. The US has seamless relationships with many hit men in the Mafia, who also do contract work for the CIA. Their records are also kept out of the databases. Then there’s the issue of his honorable discharge from the Navy after a series of problems:


LA Times: Alexis had a Navy record that included several unauthorized absences from duty, instances of insubordination and disorderly conduct, one instance of being absent without leave, and several failed inspections, according to a Navy official. The Navy gave Alexis an administrative punishment after his 2008 arrest. Officials have not revealed what punishments Alexis received for his other offenses, but sanctions often range from loss of pay to reduction in rank.


Alexis applied in 2011 for an early discharge from the Navy, before his enlistment was up. Because of the spate of disciplinary problems, Navy officials looked at giving him a general discharge, which is given to sailors with conduct problems whose performance otherwise is satisfactory. But after examining his record closely, they opted to give him an honorable discharge in January 2011, the official said.


Someone had to intervene to upgrade his general discharge to honorable. Naturally, we are being led to believe that someone just had a soft spot for Alexis and let him pass. However, going AWOL and engaging in multiple instances of insubordination and disorderly conduct—especially when that conduct leads to an arrest—are serious charges in the Navy and call for a degraded discharge unless higher ups intervene. Oftentimes these anomalies are signs that dark side agents have lured someone into their world and made them a “special offer” they “can’t refuse,” in exchange for future cooperation. Alexis, I believe, was a patsy being protected and set up for this shooting.


As in the case of Timothy McVeigh, the dark side of the CIA has recruiters placed throughout all the uniformed services looking for just this kind of mix of cockiness, instability and intelligence that can be used in various forms of mind control for black operations. McVeigh became a willing dupe for his handlers thinking he was doing a great service to the nation by helping blow up the Murrah building—and probably didn’t even know about the other black operations personnel who were tasked to plant other explosives in and around the building to ensure a more lethal blast. Seismographs showed two major explosions that morning in Oklahoma City, not one.


Neither did McVeigh know he was being set up as the patsy for the crime done by government agents. Even as he bragged to a cellmate about his ongoing relationship with secret US operations, he was loyal to the end—hinting at significant mind control. That kind of mind control can’t be done with just anyone. You have to start with someone disturbed and unstable and then use a combination of measures to further destabilize them, “help” with mood altering drugs and then use hypnosis to program them into doing the act. The evidence below indicates of several types of destabilization and mind-control were also used on Alexis.


LA Times: Police in Rhode Island warned the U.S. Navy last month that Aaron Alexis was hallucinating and hearing voices, and security officials at the local Navy base where he worked promised to look into the matter. Newport Police Lt. William Fitzgerald said Wednesday that officers had faxed a copy of their report to the Newport Naval Station after Alexis told them on Aug. 7 that he was being threatened by unseen people and feared that “some sort of microwave machine” was penetrating his body.


These types of emotionally destabilizing techniques do exist. Alexis saw the people following him. He could feel the vibrational bombardment of the electronic devices government was using to give him insomnia. He could hear voices, even though the media chuckles at his complaints and make them appear as if he was simply imagining these things. You’d have insomnia too after these attacks, and that’s what drives them to government facilities where they can be channeled to a controlled psychiatrist.


While in Newport, Alexis contacted human resources for his employer, the Experts, multiple times to complain about hearing voices in his hotel room, company spokesman Lou Colasuonno said. Company employees thought he was referring to actual voices, Colasuonno said, and moved him to new hotels twice. [Another indication that moving didn’t help—his handlers were following him with the equipment to ensure he would be driven somewhat crazy. Sleep deprivation is a powerful adjunct to mind control.]


The Department of Veterans Affairs said Alexis had been treated on Aug. 23 in the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Providence, R.I., “complaining of insomnia.” He was given “a small amount” of medicine to help him sleep and instructed to see his primary care provider. Five days later, he received a small refill from the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Washington.


That single incident of prescription drugs probably isn’t the whole story. It is telling that the shotgun Alexis bought and used had two cryptic messages carved into the weapon’s wooden stock: “Better Off This Way” and “My ELF” according to one police source. If these were done by him, it smacks of both a suicide message and a reaction to the electronic radiation he claims to have been subjected to. ELF is “Extremely Low Frequency” and is unique in that the long wave lengths can actually be felt by the body.


But what the public records never show are the sessions the target patsy eventually has with a government controlled psychologist who administers the drugs and hypnosis, which is always an integral part of programming used on unstable people in order to get them to do these mass shootings. The revelations MK Ultra by the Church Committee and the revelations about US torture in Iraq both indicated that there were unprincipled psychiatrists working for the dark side of government helping them enhance torture and mind control.


However, mind control is not an exact science so all these setup mass shootings utilize another key element—one or more additional shooters whose job it is to make sure the patsy dies in the act, so he can’t talk when the drugs wear off. For example, there was at least one other shooter inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School, seen by at least one witness who was down on the ground with police handcuffing him. They don’t do that to dead men.


There was another accomplice in the Dunblane massacre in Scotland that gave Britain the excuse to ban all handguns. The authorities claimed that the shooter in the Scottish school that killed 32 committed “suicide.” The trouble is, the gun left near the dead shooter didn’t match the caliber of bullet in his head. He was killed by his handler to make sure he couldn’t talk. Similar incidents happened in Australia and Finland to justify total gun control.


Multiple witnesses saw at least one other shooter at the Navy Yard, wearing camouflaged clothing, and the police put out numerous alerts two other shooters. Early reports by officials talking to the LA Times declared that more shots had been fired after one shooter was killed at the scene. Police also said there are potentially two other shooters dressed in military-style clothing. At least one of these shooters had engaged police in a running firefight.


Then suddenly all these reports were tamped down and DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced (the same day) that there was only the lone shooter —end of story. No more inquiries, no more reports about the guys that got away. Incredible. The mainstream press simply accepts this and fails to keep investigating.


Of course, the establishment has prepared excuses for all of the lapses in security procedures that are being focused upon. No one ever loses their jobs over this—but they always proffer the universal solution to human error: “new procedures” to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel admitted that the clearance personnel had missed many warning signs. “When you go back in hindsight and look at all this, there were some red flags — of course there were,… obviously something went wrong,” as he announced a series of reviews into base security procedures.


The only advantage to liberty in the overall outcome of this setup is that these horrendous security lapses will force the media into spending a lot of time concentrating on this as a government problem rather a civilian gun control issue. After the successful recall election of the two top Colorado anti-gun legislators, Congress is in no mood to tackle gun control again—I hope.


But one thing we must never forget is that most of the security personnel and all of the military personnel in the Navy Annex were disarmed. This was another gun free zone that is always the preferred target of these kinds of setups. One almost-victim using the handle “Loddy” texted a friend saying, “I’m in a building being secured [by] a security officer that doesn’t have a gun!!! Ask me do I feel safe.” Even guards weren’t allowed to be armed.


Now the area has roving SWAT teams—the same ones that were called off and told to stand down at the beginning of this fight. Something is very much amiss here.


To make things even more convoluted, Jon Rappoport writes about the other versions of events that have surfaced which are very much contradictory.


Yesterday, I referenced a USA Today piece which cited a federal law-enforcement source (off the record), who states that Aaron Alexis, the accused shooter, cleared a Navy Yard security checkpoint in his car. After parking in the lot, he got into an argument and opened fire on one or two people. He then entered the building where he went on a killing spree.


So did Alexis shoot his way past security guards at the building’s separate checkpoint? Why weren’t the guards waiting for him just outside the building with their weapons drawn, after he, Alexis, had already shot people in the parking lot?


This USA Today account hasn’t spread widely through major media. It’s a version of events quite different from the official, more peaceful “gained entrance to the building by using someone’s else’s ID.”


So that’s two accounts. Now I have a third, from an unsourced person who appears to be familiar with procedures at the Navy Yard and other naval facilities where computer techs (private contractors) work.


According to this source, Alexis was to show up at the Yard to work. He’d been hired as a tech. This was his first day on the job. He didn’t need two IDs, because these private-contractor techs are issued a VAL, Visitor Authorization Letter, which permits them to enter and work in various buildings. These VALs have an expiration date. Alexis would have been carrying a VAL to get past checkpoints. Also, these techs typically carry no more than a backpack or small bag for cables and program CDs. Highly unlikely that Alexis could have gotten inside with a shotgun.


So that’s three scenarios. Then we have the variations. He obtained an AR15 inside the building. No he didn’t. He got hold of two handguns. CNN says, He fired an AR15 shotgun, which doesn’t exist. There were two other shooters. [then] there weren’t. One of the two was interviewed and released. [which doesn’t mean another shooter didn’t exist] The third suspect? Who knows?


Somebody’s lying, big-time. Have the networks shown pictures of the actual security checkpoints outside the parking lot and at the building, allowing us to infer what really happened there? If so, I haven’t seen them. Neither have I seen pictures of the parking lot, where, if pictures were taken early enough, one would expect to find shell casings and blood, assuming the USA Today story is correct.


The narrative is crumbling. And reporters aren’t picking up the ball, because they [are] merely take dictation from law-enforcement officials.


Rich Lowry wrote an editorial for National Review and that discussed the “impossibility of gun control.”


The Navy Yard massacre won’t revive the gun debate in Congress for a simple reason. There is no gun control agenda this side of a total ban and confiscation that would have stopped Aaron Alexis.


The Toomey-Manchin bill could have passed Congress unanimously. The assault weapons ban could still be in place. Gun-controllers could have achieved their long-ago goal of barring the private purchase of handguns. And every step of his mayhem at the Washington Navy Yard would have been unimpeded.


The media rushed, based on erroneous reports from law enforcement, to place in his hands an AR-15, the popular rifle that has been used in mass shootings before and that an assault weapons ban would prohibit. The front page of the Daily News blared, “Same gun, different slay.” The newspaper’s columnist Mike Lupica worked himself into lathers of dudgeon over the offending gun. “They call semiautomatics like this sports rifles,” he fumed. “You bet. Mostly for the sport of killing innocent people, and killing them fast.”


Lupica’s screed would have been absurd if an AR-15 had been the murder weapon — hundreds of thousands of them are bought annually, by people with no interest in killing innocent people — but it turns out that the best sentence he wrote about the gun was the disclaimer: “We still don’t know how much Alexis used it Monday.” He used it, we now know, not at all.


According to law enforcement, Alexis used a shotgun in his rampage. This didn’t compute in some newsrooms. CNN referred to the weapon as an “AR-15 shotgun.” Maybe the new protocol should be that any gun used in commission of a crime automatically gets an “AR-15” prefix.


Alexis chose a weapon, as it happens, that has been endorsed and promoted by the vice president of the United States, who makes it his business to tell us which guns should be banned and which are all-American tools of self-defense. The shotgun is firmly in the latter category. Joe Biden sounded like a pitchman for Remington at a Facebook town hall earlier in the year when he urged a mother concerned about safety: “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun.”


This may be fine advice, but there should be no mistake: Shotguns are dangerous. When it comes to “the sport of killing innocent people,” almost any gun will do, especially if it is in a permissive environment where no one else is likely to be armed. This makes a hash of the conceit that the government can ban a few guns — based largely on cosmetic features — and make shooting rampages less likely.


Other common panaceas would have had no effect, either. Alexis bought his shotgun from a duly licensed dealer, not at a gun show. He passed a federal background check with no problem [which shouldn’t have happened given his arrest record for gun violations]. He didn’t have a high-capacity magazine. He reportedly got the handgun or handguns he may also have used in the attack after shooting a security officer.


So the Navy Yard rampage demonstrates the essential sterility of the gun control debate, and all the ill-informed nattering that the likes of Piers Morgan can muster won’t change that fact. It is true that James Holmes and Adam Lanza used AR-15s. But Seung-Hui Cho and Jared Loughner used 9-mm semi-automatic pistols. And Aaron Alexis used a shotgun.


The common theme is that they were all deeply disturbed young men whose acts of murder had a sickening aspect of utter senselessness. The Daily News got it backwards. Its headline about the Navy Yard should have read, “Different gun, same slay.”


Maybe, just maybe, this time we can have a real debate about mental illness.


No, mental illness isn’t the problem. There is no history of either hardened criminals nor the mentally ill committing these mass killings, especially of children. These mass shootings only happen when unstable people are cultivated by government, subjected to hypnosis and mind control and driven to do these acts.


So watch out for anti-gun writers proposing that anyone seeing a psychologist for any reason is disqualified from having a gun. Often courts will order such psychiatric evaluations or interrogations and that could be used against a perfectly normal person. I don’t trust the psychology profession, nor agree with their methods of diagnosis, and am opposed to giving them any power at all to mandate treatment.

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