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Commentator Joel Skousen once again cuts to the crux of the problem in discussing the many contradictions and improbabilities of one of the latest public shootings. Anyone who has studied the history of government-sponsored false flag operations and the development of MK-ULTRA mind-control techniques can readily see the tell-tale signs of manipulation behind many of the more publicized shooting incidents such as Aurora, Colorado, and Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I am ashamed of my profession. Journalism should be investigating the truth behind these shootings, not parroting government pronouncements and demonizing those who retain enough critical thinking to questions such contrived events. Remember the congressional stenographer who railed at the House microphone? She exhibited the symptoms of one abused by non-aural mind-control manipulation, claiming “voices” ordered her to action. Was her outburst a not-so-subtle warning to our representatives that they can be reached even in the House chamber? After all, she could have been carrying a suicide vest. We are far from the comfortable, safe America ruled by a fair and just government under which many of us grew up. 




By Joel Skousen
November 8, 2013

Wild, unexplainable and irrational shootings are now happening almost once a week. The dark side of government seems to be working overtime to bring on a total gun ban in America. Psychological manipulation officers must be working overtime on preparing warped individuals to engage in these attacks anywhere they can pull them off. Ironically, most of these shootings occur in places and states with the highest levels of gun control and where assault weapons are highly restricted. This week it was the shooting of a TSA officer at Los Angeles International (LAX) followed a few days later with a shooting/suicide at a New Jersey Mall. There are abnormal circumstances surrounding all of these bizarre events and lots of contradictions among the facts. Strangely, the media is silent about reviewing those contradictions or investigating the discrepancies—which is an indication of collusion and cover-up.


According to the official version of the recent LAX shooting, Paul Anthony Ciancia was dropped off at the crowded airport by his roommate, walked into Terminal 3 and, as he approached the security line, pulled out an AR-15 assault rifle and shot point blank several times at TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez, 39, who died at the scene. Ciancia continued into the “secure” area of the airport while shooting and wounding about six other people including two other TSA officers, one in the leg. It took several minutes for police to respond. Ciancia was finally stopped after being shot four times including once in the face on a concourse hallway, but he was not killed. Pictures surfaced of the thin and slightly built Ciancia lying near a pool of blood and dressed in civilian clothes. All the victims were taken to area hospitals.


There are, however, serious discrepancies and contradiction in the ever-changing version from law enforcement:


1) The media interviewed one witness at some length who described a very different person doing the shooting. The witness described the shooter wearing a BLUE uniform (repeated twice) and said he was large in stature, heavily built and taller than the witness. He even said it looked like the shooter was wearing a bulky bullet proof vest under his uniform. He said he was armed with a handgun and a pump shotgun—which looks nothing like an AR-15.


As further confirmation, the LA Times initially reported, “Law enforcement sources had earlier told The Times the gunman was a TSA employee.” Then they started reporting this as an error. However, this could have been an initial confirmation of others seeing a shooter dressed in a uniform and perhaps in a TSA uniform—hence the assumption he was an off-duty TSA agent.


2) CNN reported witnesses who saw the slightly built Ciancia said he went down the line asking people, “Hey, are you TSA?” said 23-year-old Paul Anthony. As travelers answered “no,” that they did not work for the Transportation Security Administration, the gunman would move on.


Anyone who supposedly has a strong enough grudge against the TSA to want to kill an agent would not have to ask normal people if they were TSA. That person would have had the image of their bright blue uniforms etched into his mind and would never have to ask “Are you TSA?” This to me adds to the suspicion that hypnosis and mind control were being applied to this man and, therefore, that he was the patsy set up to take the blame while the other shooter in the uniform was probably the one who could have got up close to the TSA without too much suspicion.


Ciancia’s family related that he was considering taking his own life and indicates he may have been mentally unstable—the kind of person who when placed under the care of government connected psychologists, is ripe for manipulation. I suspect that psychologist-induced hypnosis was used here to give instructions like: “Go shoot TSA agents,” but the descriptions implanted were apparently not good enough for him to carry out the directions without asking questions about who is a TSA person. All of this, of course, is quite bizarre and defies the official contention that this was a killer with a clear mission—unless there were two different people involved and Ciancia was the patsy.


3) Law enforcement reporting to the press declared over and over that Ciancia had a handwritten note on him describing his intent to kill TSA employee “pigs.” Supposedly he also “ranted” about “fiat currency” and the “NWO”. The AP couldn’t help denigrating his motives as rooted in false conspiracy theories: The New World Order is generally considered to be a conspiracy theory in which people suspect a group of elites is conspiring to form an authoritarian, one-world government.


Why write a note, and carry it with you? This admission of guilt is all too convenient for the prosecution’s case against patsies in mass murder or terrorism cases. Ciancia’s roommates described him as mild mannered which also makes the use of the tough guy language “Pigs” out of character for him. The entire piece of evidence about the note is absurd on its face and smacks of being planted. Once the wounded man was in the exclusive custody of the police, they can say anything about what was in his pocket and no one could prove otherwise. This essentially makes him guilty until proven innocent.


4. The LA Police spokesman made a big deal out of the fact that “Not more than 3 weeks ago… we practiced the exact scenario that played out today – we played out today.” Indeed, the “Los Angeles Police Department took part in an ‘active shooter drill‘ on Saturday, October the 2nd 2013 at L.A./Ontario International Airport,” according to the San Bernardino Sun. The shooting scenario had an “armed man” shooting “three people” before officers locked down the scene.


5. There was also evidence of foreknowledge, according to Two weeks prior to the LAX airport shooting on Friday, the Transportation Security Administration was searching for a firing range to conduct ongoing “firearms training” using an estimated half-million rounds of ammunition annually… On Oct. 18, the TSA posted a solicitation on the FedBizOpps web site seeking “a firearms range to conduct mandatory quarterly qualifications and other firearms training” near Seattle, Washington.


Why go to all this trouble unless the TSA had foreknowledge that an event would soon allow them to petition Congress to arm TSA officers? Indeed, the debate began the day after the shooting, but more level heads in Congress immediate shot down the idea noting that it is the local police forces’ duty to secure the airport and provide more guards if necessary. Correct. What we don’t need is another federal agency to buy up more ammo and hire SWAT or Rapid Reaction Teams with no local oversight. Congress also balked at the additional cost.


Ironically, as WSJ reported, “Roughly a year before the fatal shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport, federal security officials turned away a request by the head of the local airport-police union to ensure armed security was posted around screening checkpoints.” That smacks of the same preliminary tactics at the WTC when new leasee Larry Silverstein had bomb sniffing dogs removed a few weeks prior to the 9/11 attack.


This is the same Silverstein that not only got reimbursed $4.1 billion by insurance companies for the two destroyed buildings (which I believe he knew were going to be attacked beforehand), but had the audacity to sue the airlines for an additional $8B. Greed has no limits it seems. Fortunately in July a NY judge rejected his demands and said that Mr. Silverstein’s claim, in addition to what he received from insurers, would effectively compensate Mr. Silverstein twice for the same losses, something barred by New York state law. Exactly right.


Conveniently, pinning an anti-government label to Ciancia serves the government’s long-term agenda of demonizing the constitutional Right-wing. And, anti-gun politicians like LA Mayor Eric Garcetti couldn’t help but exaggerate the gun use: “He had enough ammunition to have literally killed everyone in that terminal.” Nonsense.


Neither the media nor law enforcement could get their facts straight. “The suspected gunman was detained after being shot in the chest multiple times, according to an intelligence source briefed by Los Angeles police.” But the picture of Ciancia down on the ground shows no chest wounds at all—only the shot to the mouth.


It was also reported that “The suspect kept moving down Terminal 3, carrying three magazines for his weapon, according to the intelligence source briefed by Los Angeles police.” Law enforcement claims they cannot trace where Ciancia got his weapon, but it wasn’t from a gun store in California.


California can only sell AR-15s that have been modified to meet the “California Rule” that prohibits assault rifles with interchangeable magazines. You have to have a special tool to release a legal assault rifle magazine purchased in California—not at all conducive to a quick change of magazines on the run. One picture at the crime scene does show an AR-15 rifle where Ciancia fell, so if he was intending to use multiple magazines it wouldn’t have been a California-legal assault weapon.


It’s also unlikely that this large of a weapon could go unnoticed by his roommates, especially the one dropping him off at the airport. Let alone conceal it naturally while walking around asking “are you with the TSA?” Did some government spook “handler” provide the weapon, as have FBI informant/provocateurs in almost every prosecution of young Muslims accused of being domestic terrorists?


Jon Rappoport explains his suspicions about the ulterior motives behind this latest crime and illustrates how a truly free press should come up basic questions about this kind of story:


Agenda? Another gun murder in a public place, so take away guns from everybody. Semi-auto rifle was used? Ban them. Gun plus anti-government opinion? Terrorist. Step up surveillance, ID, watch, harass, and even arrest people who own guns and don’t like the government.


And now for the questions. This is a checklist that should accompany every such mass shooting:


Was the accused shooter seeing a psychiatrist? Had he ever seen a psychiatrist or MD who prescribed psychiatric drugs? If so, what were the drugs?Antidepressants, in particular the SSRI types (e.g., Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft)?


Both classes of drugs are known to push people over into suicidal ideation, suicide, violence, murder. (See Peter Breggin, Toxic Psychiatry, Medication Madness, and other titles. Also see the website, SSRI stories.) Had the accused shooter ever withdrawn from, stopped using any psychiatric drugs? Withdrawal, done incorrectly, can cause severe problems, including aggression and violence.


Had the accused shooter ever stated he was under surveillance, was being harassed by authorities, was being targeted with microwaves, was hearing voices? Yes, there are people who incorrectly believe these things are happening to them; but there are also people who are, in fact, being subjected to such harassment and control.


Has the accused shooter ever been subjected to military indoctrination? Has he ever had connections to military or civilian intelligence employees or assets? If so, what were the specifics? And finally, was the accused shooter actually the shooter, or was he a patsy, a scapegoat? I’m not downplaying the difficulty of answering these questions. But I am saying they’re all relevant. [yes, they are very relevant]


Whereas the job of major media, in these incidents, is relaying to the public the statements of law-enforcement personnel and politicians. That’s their only job. [Yes, conservatives complain that the media is Left/liberal, but that’s not technically correct. Strictly speaking, they are simply shills for government, which is both liberal and neocon/conservative for globalist conflict-creation purposes. That’s why the media spends so much time quoting government spokespersons and never offering true opposing opinions.] They don’t investigate. They don’t go off on their own. They don’t know what they pretend to know. Pretending is what earns them their paychecks.


Thus, not surprisingly, the mainstream media is silent about the contradictory testimony of witnesses that saw an armed person in a TSA uniform with a pump shotgun. He may have had a special purpose—to make sure the patsy did the job he was programmed to do and then got properly eliminated so he couldn’t talk.


I’ve written before how when black operations set up a patsy to do a mass murder, as they did in the Scotland school shooting that brought gun control to the UK, they always make sure the patsy gets “suicided” so he can’t talk or be interrogated.


Those that commit these crimes under hypnosis or mind control and survive must be kept drugged up or otherwise isolated from the free press so they can’t talk—as is the case with the “Batman shooter” in Colorado. He’s still kept under heavy drug sedation. The remaining Tsarnaev brother from the Boston Marathon attack is also kept completely isolated as well. No one, including the media is allowed to get to him and find out his side of the story.


Interestingly enough, the tactic of mass killings to push gun control still doesn’t seem to be working. If the setup shooting-atrocity at Sandy Hook Elementary that killed tens of children wasn’t capable of bringing on gun control, nothing else so far has either. Perhaps they are hoping that by a sheer rising volume of carnage they can finally get people to say “enough” and start banning all guns.


On the other hand, both sides of the gun rights and gun control camps are hardening, and there doesn’t seem to be any movement from one side to the other, despite polling attempts to sway the apathetic middle. Politicians are still fearful of their political lives if they vote to ban guns and I don’t see that changing soon.


The public may actually be getting immune to so much gun violence, and many are being convinced they need to be more armed rather than less—at least those who recognize the inherent dangers of these “gun free” zones. I’ve always said, it will probably take another world war to justify martial law and total gun confiscation, but it won’t keep them from trying by killing more people.


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