IRS Apologist Authorized Jester Charity

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According to research by Sandy Frost, there is more to the scandal regarding the IRS targeting certain groups while accommodating others than has yet been reported in the corporate mainstream mass media. Below is an introduction to her investigation piece regarding the “Jesters,” a Masonic group headquartered in Indiana.


IRS Apologist Authorized Jester Charity

By Sandy Frost

May 21, 2013

Congress is investigating Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal. This article reports that she authorized a charity established by the Royal Order of Jesters. I have investigated them since February 2008 and have since exposed, detailed and documented the greatest nonprofit fraud of our time; human trafficking and prostitution at taxpayer expense. The Jesters hold weekend parties, coordinated and executed through a nationwide network of dirty cops, judges, elected officials and others in positions of power to protect their brothers. The Jesters then write off the costs of their weekend parties on their tax returns with the exempt purpose of “spreading the gospel of mirth and merriment.”

A Jester must first be a secretly invited Shriner who must first be a Master Mason.

Elected officials from both sides are calling for Lois Lerner’s replacement. Some stated that the IRS Treasury IG Report highlighted mismanagement at the IRS. This Jester authorization is a prime example and must be included in current Congressional investigations and media coverage.


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