I am constantly hearing people say,

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I am constantly hearing people say,

Jim Marrs – 2002-02-04

Well, here is a message I received from a fellow named Ace who, I think, gives a good answer to that the question. I would have advised something like this myself but I did not want anyone to think I was just trying to sell books. But, here, I’ll let Ace speak for himself:

Jim Marrs

Comments: Hello Mr Marrs

Over last couple of weeks I was thinking to myself how could a vast majority of people be educated about the Illuminati/NWO agenda? My estimation is that anywhere between 5-10 million people know about such things, which is only 2-3% of the entire population.

Now these are just my estimates, you might know more realistic figures. But anyway, I came up with this idea: If each of these people educate just one of their friends, family members or relatives, the number of people who are awake will double overnight. There could even be a day of a month when anybody who is aware of the illuminati will talk about it to one of their friends etc. A couple of hours out of a whole month isn’t a lot, especially if every person informed just one of his friends or relatives about it. Internet is a great networking tool. If all the conspiracy sites exposing the illuminati set up a special day and informed their audiences to make an effort on that day to educate at least one person they know by taking them aside and talking to them. Most people are interested in these topics and will naturally want to hear and know more. This way if a considerable number of people talk, a great discussion will be generated and more and more people will be better informed. It doesn’t have to be a specific message, they could start talking about any aspect of the illuminati and then go deeper later. The number of people who are informed could double overnight if it goes well and then same effort could be done on the same day of the next month. Within 6 months we will have millions of people who know what is going on.

This is just my idea , what’s your suggestion?


P.S: I personally got two of my friends to buy and read ‘Rule By Secrecy’ and one of my friends had his cousin read it too.Furthermore I talked about the Illuminati/NWO with four other friends and relaid to them info from your book from time to time. They are also going to buy it when time permits. I even talked about the Illuminati with one of my teachers and she was interested!!! That is why I think if everybody makes an effort to get atleast 1-2 people better informed, The People will wake up.

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