David Rockefeller interview

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David Rockefeller interview

Benjamin Fulford – 2008-03-01


Benjamin Fulford is the former Asian Pacific bureau chief for Forbes magazine. He quit in disgust when Forbes refused to run an expose about GE corruption. Fulford has since written 15 books in Japanese. His most recent is a scathing dissection of the 9-11 Hoax.

Fulford, 46, is now a Tokyo based journalist who has appeared on the Jeff Rense Program several times. He has made some very radical claims. According to Fulford, a Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans. They contacted Fulford, a Canadian ex patriot, after he warned that the Illuminati plan to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million by means of race-specific biological weapons. Essentially, this secret society, with Fulford as their spokesperson, is taking on the Illuminati.

Here is Fulford’s November, 2007, interview with David Rockefeller. View this fascinating dialog between a tell-it-like-it-is journalist and the man generally acknowledged as a ringleader of the New World Order. Then ask yourself, why is there such an admitted close relationship between this retired American banker and the Emperor of Japan? What can they possibly have in common unless it is a common view of how to reshape the world. Conspiracy theory is more and more becoming conspiracy fact.


David Rockefeller Interview

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