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Jim Hightower – 2005-12-05

Is it just me, or do George W’s eyes seem to get beadier and grow closer together whenever he gets in a tight spot?

Recently, with his public approval rating falling below freezing level, Bush’s eyes seem like two little dots tattooed above a petulant mouth. This has been especially true during his current blame-game campaign to blast Democrats who are criticizing his war of lies in Iraq.

On Veterans’ Day, where he once again used a group of vets as props for a political speech, Bush blasted congressional Democrats who are now saying that the Bushites lied their way into the Iraq war. These Democrats are trying to “rewrite history,” Bush wailed, for they had “the same intelligence” that his administration had back then and, after all, they voted to approve his effort to force Saddam Hussein from power. Thus, he implied, it’s unpatriotic for Democrats to be criticizing the start of the war.

What we have here are two new Bush lies to try to cover up his first Big Whopper of a lie. First, congress did not get (nor did We the People) the same secret intelligence that the Bushites had. Instead, members of congress were spoon fed highly-selected, redacted, and whitewashed dabs of intelligence showing only what BushCheney & Gang wanted them to see. The material congress got was scrubbed of all of the contradictions and doubts that wracked the intelligence community at the time.

Second, the October 2002 resolution passed by congress did not approve the removal of Saddam, as George now claims. Instead, it authorized the use of force specifically to make Iraq give up its weapons of mass destruction – which we now know it didn’t have. The insistence that Saddam had those WMDs, of course, was Bush’s original Big Whopper.

This is Jim Hightower saying… It’s bad enough that the Bushites lied to the people to send Americans to war – but it’s pathetic that Bush

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