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A Marrsian is a person who wants to know what is really going on in the world without the distraction and spin of the corporate mass media or special-interest groups. A Marrsian will have exclusive access to a special Marrsian Page which will act as a forum. A Marrsian must be willing to discuss and debate issues without resorting to vulgar language and personal attacks…A Marrsian is a person who will contribute their own investigations by passing along articles and blogs of interest.

You can become a Marrsian, a member of a select group of wide-awake, thinking individuals concerned with truth and justice. Marrsians take the longer view, the over view. Only Marrsians will get breaking news with insightful analysis, information often missed or marginalized by the mainstream media, special reports on items of general interest, inside information and new conspiracy theories, plus discounts on Jim Marrs DVDs and other materials. So, don’t get bogged down surfing hundreds of unconventional websites, sign up as a Marrsian today and contribute to THE VIEW FROM MARRS.

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